Board of Education discusses remote planning days

By Delaney Cairns, Staff Writer

In the record short Board of Education meeting on December 3, the Board members discussed a few topics concerning adding a new remote planning day, updates on finances, and the approval to nominate someone to sign the natural gas and electricity procurement contracts for the January 2022 Board meeting.

The first thing on the agenda was the addition of a remote planning day on January 4. This was presented by Jessica Lombard. T

his day will be helpful to teachers and enhance instructional strategies being utilized during remote learning thus far.

The monthly fiscal updates were given by Mark Altmayer, where he discussed the goal for economic efficiency. He also discussed a few areas where there are some unexpected things happening and questions as to what may happen in the future.

“We spent a lot [of money] at the beginning of this year and the end of last year for technology, for PPE, and the things that we need to be ready, so when students come back, we are ready,” Altmayer said.

The final noteworthy item of the night was presented by Doug Renkosk. Renkosk discussed the roof replacement for Huntley High School and the successful turnout of the meeting for this improvement including 15 contractors who attended. He also highlighted the fine arts addition to Huntley High School.

“I got an update late this afternoon from Lamp that we are down to one simple punch-list item, it’s done so I asked them to call a formal walkthrough,” Renkosk said.

The legislation update noted that we are now in tier 3, referencing the room with 10 members in person and the rest on Zoom. The member also made reference to the possible vaccine breakthroughs right now which may change things.

The members then moved into a closed session at approximately 6:26, which, as noted by one of the members, was a “record time.”