Should we go back into quarantine?

By Lauren Schmit, Staff Writer

We all went through the lonely, boring times of quarantine in March earlier this year, but when digging deeper, the little things matter. We appreciate the memories we have and the people that we care about more because of the pandemic. We are humbled to not take things for granted because we never know if the things that are important to us have to come to a halt. We have to think about the health of others and be aware of spreading the coronavirus.

 Overall, as the year 2020 comes to an end, we have to put into consideration that quarantine will help stop the spread of the coronavirus. 

As there is so much controversy around the coronavirus and many positives and negatives, people need to focus on the positive. People need to realize this is only temporary if we make it temporary. Following CDC guidelines and wearing our masks will only benefit us. Although there are difficult times of distance and abnormality, it can make it hard for people to readjust to the new regular. 

“I think for a lot of people, quarantine helps them enjoy the time alone, helps them find their interests, and find themselves,” junior Fiona Brady said

 According to Brady, she had a difficult time with the online school during quarantine like many other students.  She thinks that although it could be difficult for someone personally to get through the times of quarantine, we have to think of the bigger picture of overcoming this pandemic.

“Going into quarantine would affect me because I have a job and I have to work so I would not get to go to work, but other than that I don’t leave the house that much very often. I think for lots of people it would cause some issues with them and their lives, but I think that it could be really beneficial overall for the virus,” Brady said.

“It’s definitely hard to say if going into quarantine right now will help the pandemic because so many people have already had it. You don’t really know if you can get it again, I know there are some studies that say you can. It’s hard with social media, trying to decipher which is real and what is just trying to get everyone’s attention,” junior Lauren Bauer said. 

According to Bauer,  going into quarantine will help the pandemic, but she thinks being in bigger groups of people should be your preference and if you are concerned about your health and others’ health then you should be more aware and cautious of your actions.

There can be so many different opinions on how to decrease corona rates or if it is something that should be concerning. Now that there is a possible vaccine and President Joe Biden’s 100-day plan, there is more hope to end the pandemic. We cannot be ignorant in times where we need to act as a whole to improve the health of others during the pandemic.