Retro game reviews: Fallout 1

By Brandon Smalley, Staff Writer

Fallout. A game series now owned by Bethesda Studios and is renowned for its amazing role-playing elements, and incredibly unique post-apocalyptic 50’s settings. However few remember the first few games, which were made by Black Isle Studios, were very different compared to the new ones.

For starters, Fallout 1 and 2 were turn-based, this means that combat was taken in turns, and your Agility statistic would determine how many points you have per turn. Once you are out of points, your turn is over and your opponent is ready to attack. This is different from Fallout 3 where it is a traditional first-person shooter.

But what about the story? Unlike Bethesda published, (excluding the Obsidian published Fallout: New Vegas) Fallout 1 is set in California after the “Great War” or World War 3 where an unnamed country nukes America. The player is a resident of a bomb shelter or “Vault” which housed survivors of the great war.

This Vault (Vault 13) has a faulty water purification chip and the player is tasked by the “Overseer” or president of the vault to go outside in the wasteland.

When the Vault Dweller (player character) is thrusted into this new world, they must face everything from radioactive scorpions, bandits, super mutants. And eventually the Master’s Army. Fallout 1 is an unforgiving bleak atmospheric game, a far cry from the quirky fun aesthetic in Fallout 4 and 76.

Fallout 2, the sequel set 100 years after Fallout 1 has an even more bleak and destructive view on society as a whole, introducing fan-favorite factions such as The New California Republic, The Enclave, and The Followers of The Apocalypse.

Final verdict? If you are a die-hard Fallout fan and you want to see Fallout at its absolute best, then pick up the game! If you are a casual fan who is more comfortable with Bethesda’s style then try watching a few more videos on YouTube.