Jolly things to do over Christmas break

By Trevor Book, Staff Writer

It is close to Christmas break where we get two very nice weeks off of school, but with Covid it causes some of us to not be by our friends or family. Because of this, I can give you a couple of ideas that can make this holiday better for this year.
There are a lot of fun things that can be done over the holiday, like going outside and making snow angels, taking a snowboard and sliding down a steep hill, and having a snowball fight with your parents, if they want to. This goes for teachers as well as James Allen, a math teacher at our school, who loves winter break.
“In usual years, after spending time with my siblings that come into town, we would hang out at my parent’s house. We would just kind of hang out, relax, and watch some movies [my favorite of all time is “Elf,” “Four Christmases,” and the two “Home Alones” or play games just as a family,” Allen said.
Good Christmas themed movies that you can sit and watch are: “Dr. Suess’s How The Grinch Stole Christmas” or “The Polar Express” while drinking a nice cup of hot chocolate or binge-watch a show you like.
“I [think this year though], we will be laying low, hanging out with Jenny [my dog] for sure and taking some of Jenny’s Christmas themed Instagram photos,¨ Allen said. Another activity you can do in video games if you enjoy doing that kind of thing, if not, an even better thing to do would be to Zoom with your friends. This can help if you are feeling lonely or catch up with the family to see how they are doing.
Now, if your parents are home or one of them is, you could go to the store if you are comfortable with it, and can get an assortment of Christmas gifts, decorations, supplies, or a nice tree for your living room.
Speaking of trees, a fun thing is to set up your tree with nice decorations like lights, candy canes, and fake snow. Something I enjoy doing after my tree is up is setting up a train under it.
A good activity to do with your family on Christmas Eve night is to bake cookies and leave out milk for Santa. Another thing is to watch a Christmas movie before bed like, for my family, it is always, “A Christmas Carol.”
The best activity to do, on Christmas Morning, is to look out the window, see all the snow, and then race to wake your parents to open your presents (not like me because I am a little old for that now).
I think that Christmas break is the best break of all. I say this because this break gives you one week free after Christmas to explore all the things you got and use them as much as you want. Also, allows us to start a new year as New years comes right after Christmas. I also think Christmas is the best holiday as well, it is the time of joy and laughter. I do not think Covid is going to stop that from changing, even if we can not see our families right now, we can mush on.