“Outside the Wire” elevates military movies

Courtesy of rottentomatoes.com

Courtesy of rottentomatoes.com

By Riyana Walker

Like most military movies “Outside the Wire” has war, meaning, failure, and success. What makes this film so different is the characters and the assets that they have to offer. The film is very futuristic with the main surprise in the film being the half-man, half-android Air Force captain. 

Since the film takes place in a third world country, it is very easy to see the social and environmental differences. The director did a great job getting the main idea through to the audience by allowing them to make connections with the characters. 

The plot of the film is a young drone pilot has to make a rash decision that will force him into the face of the truth: that life is more than rules; it is all about following your gut and risking the consequences in the meantime. 

What really grabbed my attention was the lack of loyalty throughout the film. The captains and lieutenants were really big on respect, and there seemed to be harsh, malicious intent. Their sole purpose is to stop a nuclear attack with new technological advances as well as top notch robots and tons of shocking reveals.

This movie was just released on Jan. 15, and the reviews have been through the roof. With the film just reaching Netflix around 24 short hours ago, it is easy to see the audience loved the film. It creates a craving for action and heroism, seemingly making it feel like they are in the midst of the war. 

One thing that you should be aware of going to see this film would be the amount of violence, death, and destruction. It is truly insane, and that can turn people away from a movie about war.

The film is not full of happiness nor are there tons of good times, but there are parts of the story where we are able to see why certain things and decisions the director made were necessary and beneficial. 

There is not much more to be said without spoiling the film as a whole. But go settle down, grab your family and your favorite snacks to tune into this movie. It is worth it, and it is something for the whole family.