Fire Flow


Courtesy of Ryan Alemany

By Bailey Lim

Current day’s trending music revolves around the pop and rapping categories. Massive amounts of people listen to the popular emotion-based pop music that has grown in popularity in the past few years.

High school junior Ryan Alemany creates his music and posts it on the listening platforms Spotify, Apple Music, and Soundcloud. Creating his rapping name of Yung Bandit, Alemany follows a dream of creating music because it has had an enormous impact on his life.

Alemany has started out his dream by writing his own emotion-filled songs trying to make up his own catchy lyrics for others to enjoy. 

His inspiration for his type of music started with the rapper XXXTENTACION. His type of music poured emotion and a vibe of music that Alemany enjoyed listening to.

Alemany began with his friend, Colin Lock, noting lyrics that flow with a beat they enjoyed and finding online. After years, Alemany has improved his equipment, spending all of his money on creating his own home studio, to proceed his dream and spend his free time on it.

After creating his first few songs, Alemany realized that he found making music was one of the most enjoyable experiences he has had to spend his free time on. Currently, he has almost five albums worth of music.

In his studio, Alemany takes hours out of his days to write down how he feels about life and generates music he feels an everyday person can relate to. 

“Whenever I think about my lyrics, I strive to be someone that others can relate to,” Alemany said. 

Over time, his friends would listen and come to enjoy his improved work because they hear the effort and time put into the phenomenal finished product. He has grown to a point where others advertise his music and suggests others to listen to it. 

Being on social media, Alemany does his best to be consistent when it comes to making music with new people and having quality in his songs. 

“I always remember to have fun while making my songs instead of placing my standards to fit everyone’s requests,” Alemany said. 

Alemany’s friends have been extremely supportive when it comes to his passion and it shows by his determination to continue writing. He has even had an opportunity to perform live.

He continues to pursue his dream and work with music. Alemany is always working to perfect his craft and is determined to make a name for himself and his work.