“I Care a Lot” movie shows no mercy


Courtesy of Netflix

By Alyssa Borring

Movies that make you happy and fill your heart with enjoyment are some of my favorite types of films. Well, I can tell you the movie “I Care a Lot” does the exact opposite. As a 2021 Golden Globe nominee, it keeps you thinking as it twists your mind with questions and games. It is a comedic, dramatic plot with crime and suspense that is built up with mysteries.

It even started with a narrator talking to the audience, it is like she is staring right into my soul asking me these questions. She believes playing fair is just a ruse. A ruse to make the rich richer and the poor poorer.

You can either be the person taking from someone or you will be the one being taken from. It is predators versus prey and lion versus lambs. She claims she is a lioness until she goes head on head with another predator.

This narrator is soon to be introduced as Marla Grayson, who is played by Rosamund Pike. She is known for her role in “Gone Girl” as Amy Dundee, where she also plays an icy cold woman with a blonde bob.

Her character carries an iconic vape pen with an intense attitude that pairs nicely with her fancy pantsuits. Subsequently, her job is a caregiver of elderly people, but she is not your average caregiver. She gets to take control and decisions for people who cannot take care of themselves.

She becomes their legal guardian if they have no family members or if the family members are seen as not fit. In this job, she is supposed to act as a guardian angel, but imagine her more as a guardian robber.

Doctor Karen writes up false notes where she overgeneralizes the patient’s symptoms so they can call an emergency medical meeting, granting Ms. Grayson guardianship. This means she has control over their life and all their assets.

Ms. Grayson excuses her taking the assets by saying it is for their own expenses and to pay for her job since she is working for them. However, she is actually stealing all the money and selling every last of the person’s belongings.

The old homes she throws them in are owned by a man named Sam Rice, who is also in on this business. She has everything she needs to make this work. That is until she comes across Jennifer Peterson, who is known as a “cherry”, which is a rich old woman who has no family or husband along with great insurance.

Little did Ms. Grayson know that this would be the biggest mistake of her life. What are you supposed to do when the woman you are scamming is actually not the person? That the real Jennifer Peterson died of polio when she was young. For someone to pull that off means they are highly intelligent and experienced.

An entire spiral of events crashes down that eventually exposes Roman, Ms. “Peterson’s” son, who is a part of the Russian mafia and has faked his death. Roman is played by Peter Dinklage, who is widely known for his role in “Games of Thrones,” and tries to kill Ms. Grayson along with her work partner and girlfriend Fran.

They survived and sought revenge which even unfolded a larger twist of events, but it landed Roman in a not very nice spot. They framed him for an overdose which granted Ms. Grayson guardianship of him. She wanted 10 million dollars.

That was until a better offer was on the table, which was them partnering up together. Together they could make so much more money by making a country-wide guardianship company where she is the CEO. They will take over the entire market with their cooperation that has multiple companies along with many connections in pharmacies, businesses, and much more.

They will be insanely rich and untouchable, which does end up happening. The company is called Grayson Gaurdinship, where they continue doing exactly the same thing but with thousands of more elderly involved.

Even throughout the film, Ms. Grayson received countless death threats which never stopped her. Those threats never amounted to anything which added a hint of feminism undertones. This annoying movie with hypocrisy and multiple twisted ideas does tie the movie into one big thriller.

This entire time she does not care about the amount of pain she inflicts on the people she takes advantage of. All she truly cares about is winning and greed. Guilt is not a word in her fantasy world as it is not her fault they did not have the courage to do this themselves. As she started off by saying, you are either the one taking or you are the one being taken from.

In the end, a man who was affected by her business showed up. His mother was forced into the old home where she took all of her assets. To get the son out of the picture, she granted him no access to see his mother. Fueling the fire of his rage and frustration, he took this to court and lost. Adding gasoline to an already large fire.

However, Ms. Grayson had a way with her words, so she got what she wanted. SO when his mother died, alone in that home, without her son by her side, he grew psychotic. He found her outside and shot her. Did she die or did she live? Well, I do not want to spoil the entire movie so watch and find out the fallout of the plots that lead us to this end.