All-Star cheerleader Danielle Reyes stays motivated


courtesy of Danielle Reyes

By Brenden Boyle, Staffer

During these unprecedented times, some students lose motivation in certain activities, sports, or hobbies. However, junior Danielle Reyes has powered through these times and, as a result, is on Huntley High School’s Varsity Cheerleading team. Reyes has been cheerleading ever since 6th grade. 

“I was inspired by my friends I’d say and seeing the older boys and girls when I was younger. Seeing them work hard, tumble, jump, and fly around was so exciting for me I was so eager to do it myself,” Reyes said.

Throughout her cheerleading career, Reyes has been a part of many different teams and organizations, such as: Huntley’s Cheerleading Program, JV Freshman, All Star Cheer, and now Varsity. 

Reyes says that doing All Star last year was such a fun and different experience than High School cheer. Hitting Conference and Sectionals last year with Huntley Varsity was also one of her favorite moments doing cheerleading.

“In cheer we practice now on the weekends and Wednesday for 3+ hours depending on what we need to do. Sometimes we are there for 6+ hours,” Reyes said. “Not including the extra tumbling classes we take outside of the school. For All Star it depends on the season and you go to a summit and worlds. This is a year long sport, so we don’t really get an off season.”

Along with practices, Reyes competes in 7 competitions, along with conferences, sectionals, and hopefully state just for high school cheerleading. 

During cheerleading, Reyes has made many friends and memories that she wouldn’t have made elsewhere.

“We practice almost everyday for 3+ hours, travel with one another, and help each other get ready for competitions. You build an amazing and unforgettable bond with your teammates,” Reyes said.

On the other hand, Reyes has also had some injuries during cheerleading, and she highlighted a specific injury she had last year. She received a concussion last year, however this did not stop her from continuing.

Reyes also has the pleasure of traveling to many different places in Illinois, and almost had an opportunity to travel out of state to compete.

COVID has taken a pretty big toll on Reyes’s cheerleading career, however she has powered through it. Her season for All Star was cut short last year, and this year it has been extremely hard with no-contact with teammates, which means she and her teammates are unable to do certain moves they usually do. However, she does have an upcoming season and has been working extremely hard to practice and be prepared for what’s coming next. Even though times are hard, Reyes continues to be inspired by her teammates and coaches.

“They all work extremely hard for where they want to be and it pushes me because I don’t ever want to let anyone down,” Reyes said.

As far as her future plans go, Reyes is a bit indecisive about what she wants to do with cheerleading when she goes off to college.