Madison Beer ‘Life Support’ Review


Courtesy of Wikimedia

By Brooke Hamann, Staff writer

She chose a crew neck; white to be more specific. Its shade, comparable to that of a white Christmas. Her new and self curtain-cut bangs hang the perfect length, creating a face frame. Her makeup, natural-looking but, also elegant. Her well-recognized faded bronze medallion, making yet another appearance around her neck. 

It was with utmost confidence that singer and songwriter Madison Beer sat down on her living room couch that late August afternoon of 2020, with NME Media to discuss the news she’d shared with her fans all over social media: another album was coming.

On Feb. 26, Madison Beer released her new album “Life Support” through Epic records. Jokingly taunting her eager fans since last year, Beer has been all over social media showing snippets and, making-public various music videos to some of the early released hits on the album. Instances of this occurred with songs like, “The Beginning”, “Default”, and “Good In Goodbye”, previewed on Beer’s Instagram all throughout the month of January. 

As any artist knows, naming an album is crucial. Simply, the name should hold some type of meaning behind it. In an interview over Zoom with NME Media, Beer explained briefly as to why she named the album what she did. 

“I called this album ‘Life Support’ because it kept me alive,” Beer said.

Before deciding to even make another album, Beer struggled to express herself to others and experienced such difficulty being truthful about how she was feeling. So, being able to create an album that gave her a huge outlet ultimately saved her.

“I was going through a genuinely really, really tough time when we were creating this album. I had just been diagnosed with a borderline personality disorder, and I was in and out of a lot of dark mental states, and I was in therapy three times a week,” Beer said to Hannah Mylrea, a reporter for NME Media. 

“I genuinely believe that the time that I was creating my album and the time that I was genuinely suicidal and not wanting to live any more were intertwined for a reason because that was my life support,” Beer said. 

With COVID striking close to Beer’s initial date of release, she decided to hold off is that there were more important matters to be dealt with before any music.

“The album was supposed to come out in late March and I’ve obviously held it off because of the fact that we got hit with a pandemic. I just wanted to be like sensitive with what I was doing, and a civil rights movement and a bunch of stuff happened,” Beer said to Mylrea in the interview. 

On Jan. 18, Beer released the tracklist of her upcoming album to fans on Instagram.

As mentioned, since the album was more of a personal-growth step for Beer, there aren’t other artists featured in her songs, by choice. 

Going down the tracklist, listeners will find that each song tells a different story and will most definitely be startled to realize that the many stories and emotions Beer expresses through her lyrics, are those that can be related to.

Filled with various moments of beautiful instrumental backfall and hand-clapping worth rhythm, these lyrics ooze confidence and have the potential to make some listeners feel bold enough to send a that risky text to your ex or even a new crush. 

In writing such deep and emotional lyrics, Beer hoped to connect with fans on a more personal-level and additionally reiterate the idea that depression is real and it’s something that can’t be ignored; that there are people there who want to support you and who are willing to listen. 

From a personal standpoint, “Good in Goodbye” is for sure one of my favorites, from the way Beer’s intentional snarky attitude is expressed to a catchy beat.

Be sure to check out “Life Support” now on Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube, or anywhere you listen to music!