Big Shot, big deal?


By Brandon Smalley, Staff writer

Big shot is the newest show on the block, exclusive to Disney+. This series follows the story of a disavowed basketball coach, Mavryn Korn played by John Stamos, who intimidates a referee and throws a chair, getting Korn fired from his position. All out of options, the only coaching job he can get is at an all-girls private school, which he views as absolute rock bottom.

The first episode, Pilot, introduces the main conflict of the show. Korn introduces himself to the Sirens, team for Westbrook High. He comes off as very rude and cruel to the unprepared high school students, still in the mindset that he was teaching college athletes.

Eventually, Korn is harassed by one of the students, the daughter of the person who funds the private school itself, Louis Gruzinsky. Korn suspends Gruzinsky and gets in hot water with the donater of the school. Korn stands his ground and refuses to let Gruzinsky play in the upcoming game against the Laguna Eagles. This match especially hurts Gruzinsky because, as found out later in the episode, college scouts were to be attending the game, and she desperately wants to be noticed. 

Later on in the episode the viewer gets to find out a little bit more about Korn as a person. He had a father who was hard on him, just as he is to his athletes. The viewer also finds out that Korn was a very neglectful father and husband, causing his wife to divorce him. He confides in his co-coach, Holly, played by Jessalyn Gilsig. 

After Korn concedes and lets Gruzinsky dress for the game, he gives one big motivational speech and a montage plays, showing the team slowly improving. It is generic at best, it is lazy at worst.

On the day of the game the Sirens play off against the Eagles. The Eagles initially pummel the Sirens, absolutely destroying their defense and it looks like the words and teachings of Korn have fallen onto deaf ears. It is especially bad when Korn sidelines Gruzinsky, the Siren’s star player 

After the intense game and a halftime speech about doing their best, the show subverts expectations of most fictitious sports media and the Sirens lose, although at a very close 53-56 game. The episode ends with Korn talking to his daughter, revealing that she thinks coaching this team will be good for him.

Overall, Big Shot Episode one is a dull, inoffensive sports show about a hardened coach who has to learn the value of kindness and cooperation with a team who isn’t up to his standards. They fall into many cliche and tired tropes of the sports genre and the show is more drama than sports. If the viewers are looking for something with a more striking story they may wish to look elsewhere, besides that? Perfectly serviceable and inoffensive.