The good of the 2020-2021 school year


By Molly Baker, Staffer

As many know 2020-2021 has been one of a kind. That is the same for this school year. Every week there have been new schedules, new COVID cases, and different students coming in and out of the building. With students being remote for the first semester, everyone had different feelings coming back into the building for hybrid. 

For many students they knew what a normal day was like at Huntley. Blended classes, seeing friends during lunch, and what being a Red Raider is about. For students like freshman Aubrey Dingbaum, this was something she never experienced. 

“I had been in Huntley before, but not when it was full of students. This was my first year at Huntley and it was definitely a shock the first day back. It was nice to see all the teachers excited and the music they were playing when we first walked in,” said Dingbaum.  

For students like Dingbaum it was a shock walking through door 1 the first day of school. Most students were thrilled to come back into the building. Students were masked up but you could still see the smiles on their faces. It was nice to see the staff playing music in the morning and for people, like the principal, to be so excited to have us back in the building. 

“I originally did not want to come back. Thinking of sitting in the long 90 minute classes seemed unbearable to me. But as the weeks have passed I actually like it. Being able to get all my work done in class makes it less stressful after school,” said sophomore Jacob Hansen. 

Many can agree that the 90 min periods have been very long but, it gives students time to connect with their peers and teachers. When the lessons are done and the students leave Zoom, it gives the students time to connect with their teachers to fill the time. 

For students that have been at Huntley for years, going back to school was something some dreaded or looked forward to. For seniors like Grace Klements, she chose to stay at home for the rest of the school year. 

“I felt that it was better for me to stay home. I get more work done, and my mental health is better overall. I am able to do school in the comfort of my own home. I enjoy that Hunltey did not make us all come back, but gave us the option to choose what we wanted,” said Klements. 

The staff and administration has done the most to make this year feel normal. For seniors, they have monthly-recognitions, freshmen got a link crew during remote, and everyone, who chose, got to come back into the building. 

Most are extremely appreciative of all the teachers and staff that allowed students to come back into the building. There are things that some wish the administration should have done differently, but the 2020- 2021 school year was unprecedented and everyone did their best that they could do.