Bebe Rexha’s new album “Better Mistakes” is definitely not a mistake


By Ruhi Gulati, Editor

As I roll my windows down and turn up the volume of my stereo, I instantly begin to tap my toe against the side of my tiny silver Hyundai to the beat of the first song of Bebe Rexha’s album “Better Mistakes”: “Break My Heart Myself (feat. Travis Barker).” Although my brother starts whining from the back seat, I on the other hand am quite surprised with how much I enjoy the catchy beat and techno rhythm of the song. I previously had only listened to one song by Rexha: “Meant to Be,” which definitely had a country feel to it. However, this album strayed away from that country blockbuster. 

The next song that comes on is called “Sabotage” and it’s completely different than “Break My Heart Myself.” Although Rexha’s whole album is filled with figurative language, this song takes poetic diction to the next level. Her melodic, touching words carry her emotion and heartbreak with each second of music. The piano throughout the song adds to the raw emotion. It is absolutely one of my favorite songs. 

Her other songs “Sacrifice,” “My Dear Love (feat. Ty Dolla Sign and Trevor Daniel),” “Better Mistakes,” and “Die for a Man (feat. Lil Uzi Vert)” are very upbeat with a tempo that anyone can dance to. However, her more lonely, sad songs are what really caught my attention. “Trust Fall,” “Mama,” and “Death Row” displayed her unique range of vocals, but “Empty” touched my heart. It was extremely relatable and featured a beautiful guitar solo which I loved. For this song, Rexha traded her loud, electronic music for a more natural, authentic melody; I totally fell in love.

My other favorites were “Baby I’m Jealous (feat. Doja Cat),” “On the Go (feat. Pink Sweat$ & Lunay),” and “Amore (feat. Rick Ross).” All of the featured artists in these songs definitely contributed to my enjoyment, but Pink Sweat$ and Rexha’s harmonization was especially captivating. 

It is no surprise that the “Better Mistakes” album was chosen as This Week’s Favorite New Music on Billboard, and I absolutely recommend it to anyone who enjoys a variety of music from a very talented artist.