New Twenty-One Pilots album is another cinematic masterpiece


Courtesy of Getty Images

By Natalie VonderHeide

After almost three years, Twenty One Pilots’ highly anticipated album “Scaled and Icy” has finally arrived as another cinematic masterpiece only to disappoint some fans. 

“Scaled and Icy” continues singer Tyler Joseph’s fictional realm he created in the band’s last album “Trench.” The previous cinematic album told the story of main character Clancy and a group of Banditos as they tried to escape the land of DEMA. 

While “Trench” took a more downhearted approach, “Scaled and Icy” is the soundtrack where everyone is in the mood to dance. 

Beginning with the song “Good Day,” Joseph depicts a reality of how he would react if he lost his wife and daughter. 

The singer refers to resorting to various vices like smoking and drinking to fill the sorrow taking over him: “My sunshine is a buzz and a light.”

Following this is the more catchy, upbeat song “Choker.” The chorus of the song produces a sense of unity and connection that made me feel as if I was back at their concert. 

The album’s strongest song would have to be “Never Take It” as it is a more political track about the band stepping up to the platform they have always been hesitant to take. It also addresses the misinformation in the media and disunity it is creating: “They’re trying hard to weaponize you and I.” 

My personal favorite would have to be “Mulberry Street” as it also refers to the same vices in “Good Day” by explaining that people need to be medicated or under the influence to get through everyday life: “Ain’t no sunny skies ’til you finally realize that evеrybody relies on synthetic highs.”

The track also begins with a similar sound from “Legend” on the album “Trench” which makes you feel that the band is still the same. 

While there has been a lot of hate with the new album, people just truly have not been able to understand and endure the emotionally raw image Joseph is trying to portray. 

In order to enjoy this album in an independent manner, find a quiet, dark space and slowly listen or read the lyrics to each song. 

“Scaled and Icy” is truly yet another masterpiece created by the duo that deserves the same love and attention “Trench” received.