Huntley varsity football gives it their all against Cary Grove


Ryder Hunkins holds on tight to the ball, despite being tackled. (Courtesy of Callen Hogberg)

By Lindsay Schaffter


As the clock hits 7 p.m. on Friday, Oct. 1, the Huntley High School varsity football team takes the field against Cary Grove. Even though the crowd knew this would be a challenging game, they still cheered loudly. 

Huntley ended up losing 13-44 against Cary Grove as the game hit the end of fourth quarter.

With concessions getting crowded and people filling the stands, the game started. Everywhere you looked you saw pink, as Huntley was supporting Breast Cancer Awareness at the game. 

Footballs flew everywhere and the players warmed up with their high knees across the field. The tensions were high while everyone waited for the 20-minute warmup to end.

“Just hard work, put everything on that field, and play your best,” said sophomore Haiden Janke, linebacker and kickoff.

Huntley got the first touchdown by running back Ryder Hunkins with 4:24 left on the clock in the first quarter, and the stadium went crazy. 

As the second quarter ended and halftime began, the dance and cheer teams performed their routines, and the whole crowd cheered them on. Soon the marching band came out, all with their instruments in tow, and this time, with the middle schoolers tagging along. 

Middle school night is a yearly thing at Huntley High School that many parents came out to see and enjoy. 

The third quarter started with Cary Grove getting a touchdown, but Huntley’s spirit still stayed high, keeping the football team going. 

As the 15 minute quarter slowly went by, everyone still watched intently with the hope of a win. Even though that win did not come for that game, Huntley still left the stadium feeling proud for the players that gave it their all. 

“We have three weeks and we got to win out to make the playoffs, so we play like it’s a playoff game from here on out,” coach Gibson Danekis said. 

Needless to say, as the Huntley High School football players go into their next game on Oct. 8 against Hampshire High School, they will be putting in the work. Every player on the field at the game worked hard, and as the next games come, the students will continue cheering on the team.

By the fourth quarter, Huntley scored the last home touchdown of the game by #5, Emmanuel Tinnajero, playing running back. Everyone cheered and screamed as loud as they could.

“Everyone out here doubts us. They’re always saying we’re not this and we’re not that, but we’re just out here to prove everyone wrong.” said junior James Lang, playing safety and corner. 

Even though they lost, Huntley still gave it their all.