Varsity boys bowling gets the ball rolling against Larkin

Bowling team spares themselves of a loss, continues their winning streak


S. Crase

Boys bowling team competes against Larkin High School on Nov. 15 at Bowl-Hi Lanes.

By Christine Idowu

The glistening bowling ball rolls at a fast-moving speed of 20 miles per hour down the gleaming light-brown bowling alley. Clunk! Clunk! With all of the pins knocked down, the crowd of parents, relatives, and friends all cheer with a roaring sound. Teammates congratulate their teammate, who got the strike, with fist bumps, while saying, “Let’s go!”

This all happened at the boys bowling game at Bowl-Hi Lanes on Nov. 15. The boys bowling team competed against Larkin High School. Varsity won with a score of 3178-1861, scoring higher than their last game on Nov. 11.

“They’re really good, which makes it hard sometimes to decide who’s going to bowl what night on varsity because they are such a good team, and I love it,” coach Jacob Wagner said. 

Senior Austin DeBello had the highest score of 698 and an average of 232.66. The second highest scorer was senior Hayes Porsche, whose score was 664 and had an average of 221.33. 

This year I have really improved a lot. My average last year was 210 and now it is about 230,” Porsche said.

Ethan Abrath, a notable player who is on JV, had a score of 637 and many consecutive strikes during the three games he played. 

All of the players did well against Larkin not just score-wise but also with the great sportsmanship they displayed. When the players who played for Larkin got strikes and spares, Huntley’s bowling team still congratulated them. 

The bowling team also displayed moral support for each other by cheering and giving each other fist bumps when a player got a strike or spare in their frame. Even when their teammate did not do well in their frame, the boys would still cheer and encourage that teammate. 

“Whether the guys are playing good or bad, we always try to lift each other up,” Porsche said. 

The bowling team has a great camaraderie with each other and acts like a cohesive team working well together.

“We all work together awesomely. Honestly, we all love each other like brothers,” Abrath said.

The boys bowling team has played amazing at their games, especially their game against Larkin. They have been on a winning streak so far and hope to continue that streak.