Inspiring cheer wherever she goes

Danielle Reyes spreads positivity to those around her through her cheerleading and personality.


Courtesy of D. Reyes

Senior Danielle Reyes is shown along side her parents.

By Bailey Lim

Waking up on an early morning, senior Danielle Reyes begins her day, cheerful and optimistic. Roaming through the halls on a long school day, she continues to light up the attitude of the people around her.

Referred to as Dani, Reyes is a senior on the varsity cheer team. Her naturally energetic self began when she was young, finding a passion for gymnastics. She adds onto her journey by joining cheer during her start of middle school.While the school years passed by, Reyes slowly found the drive that allowed her to continue cheerleading. Whilst being front and center in a crowd, being a flyer on the team enables her to be someone who is caught in the eye of everyone.

“Being in a tough spot mentally and physically, becoming a flyer is what inspires me to keep going,” Reyes said. “The trust and teamwork put into our performances takes plenty of time and effort.”

Being around Dani changes the perspective of the high school experience. When given the opportunity to look into her life, friends inspire themselves to have a changed attitude toward their experiences.

“She has a rare trait to rally people around you and get everyone to come together,” senior Haley Barone said. “She has a contagious characteristic that is very positive to everyone around her.”

Reyes overall has a cheerful impact toward others. When given the opportunity to spend time with friends, coaches, she is always walking around with her head high. 

“My goal is to always be there for others around me,” Reyes said.

Given the perspective of someone who is closer to her, Patrick Jarzabek has his own insight to the outcome of constant positivity. Behind closed doors, Reyes proves the impossible by staying energetic and funny.

“I’ve always known her to be a hard-working, caring person,” senior Patrick Jarzabek said.

Reyes rarely has shown to stray from her cheerful self, consistently inspiring others to do have a bit more positivity, being a great mentor and leader. She is always working to be her best when it comes to school, cheerleading, and the people around her, striving to become a memorable, kind person.