Matt O’Connell and Megan Pawlak Talk Grammy Nominations | Photo Editors Suck Podcast #05

By Jacob Habel, Alexis Cobb, and Syed Hashmi


Welcome to the Photo Editors Suck podcast. We’re the photo editors for the Huntley Voice and PES is a weekly podcast where we react and talk about hot topics, play games, talk with guests, and more!

Day 4 of PESMAS

In this episode, we’re talking with two very good friends of Alexis Cobb, Matt O’Connell and (co-host of The Dish on Megan Pawlak. We talked about Grammy nominations, Whole Lotta Red, The Dish, weigh-in ๐Ÿ˜‰ on the Paul V. Woodley fight, and much more!

Featuring Jake Habel, Alexis Cobb, and Syed Hashmi.