Best Buddies Club movie-inn social on Jan. 18

The Best Buddies Club enjoy “Happy Feet” with snacks and friends.


A. Cobb

Buddies Club allows special and general education students to interact through activities like this movie-inn social.

By Amelia Pozniak

The Best Buddies social was held on Jan. 18 at 2:30 p.m. at Huntley High School. Despite obstacles due to COVID-19, the Buddies Club is able to meet safely every month to bring together special education students and general education students. 

From 2:30 to 4:30, students met in room C2112, preparing popcorn and hot chocolate for a wintery, cozy movie-inn. “Happy Feet” played on the projector as students socialized and snacked.

Students feel fortunate to meet after school, after restrictions from previous remote learning. 

“Last year we [met on] Zoom, and this year we got to do relatively everything we wanted to, [we] just had to scale things down for safety reasons,” said senior Zach Letzke, head chairman of the Buddies Club. “Most socials are in the passive commons [or Raider Aid room] for distance reasons.”

Whether it be on Zoom or in-person, students continue to learn from their “family buddies.” 

“We get to learn different perspectives about other people’s lives,” junior Caitlyn Letran said.

This is not the only exciting event that the buddies have hosted recently. 

“Last month, we worked with the theater kids and they got to perform improv for the Buddies. We frosted cookies as well,” Letran said.

The socials held by the Buddies Club are an exciting and fun time for both the special and general education students. 

“My favorite part about the club is that you get to interact with kids from all grades. I really only interact with other juniors during the school day. When I’m here I get to talk with freshmen and sophomores,” junior Lindsay Bajgrowicz said.

The Buddies continue to plan more events and socials that all are welcome to.

“Anyone can come to the event or become a buddy, sometimes we have limited resources so people have to RSVP,” Letzke said.

According to Shannon Vanek, the advisor of the club, Buddies is planning something exciting for the upcoming holiday, Valentine’s Day, in February.