Words worth a two year wait

Indie alternative artist Mitski returns from a hiatus with “Laurel Hell”



Mitski features herself in the album art of “Laurel Hell.”

By Kate Alvarado

Japanese American artist Mitski has been on the rise since her 2018 album “Be the Cowboy” made waves in the indie alternative music scene. If the name does not ring any bells, it might be surprising to know that songs such as “Washing Machine Heart,” “Nobody,” and “Me and My Husband,” have likely influenced your TikTok feed.

Ever since Mitski’s audience has grown exponentially and the demand for her music followed suit. However, other than dropping a few singles, fans have been eagerly waiting on new music for over two years. 

In early October 2021, Mitski appeased her fanbase and dropped “Working for the Knife” as the first single from her upcoming album. The following month, her team continued to tease listeners and released “The Only Heartbreaker.” Not long after, “Heat Lighting” and “Love Me More” continued to build hype for the artist until the whole studio album was released.

The long-awaited “Laurel Hell” album finally dropped this past Friday, Feb. 4 on all streaming platforms. The soft-spoken, mellow beats paired with heart-wrenching lyrics and metaphors made the two-year wait worth it for fans.

Throughout each song, Mitski seems to be remembering her youth, past romances, and heartbreaks through a sequence of metaphors and symbolism; as well as lamenting her aging as she nears 30. No matter your age, all listeners have the ability to heal and learn from the poetic lessons expertly written within each verse.

Despite writing most of the songs herself before or during 2018, Mitski took the time mixing and perfecting each one of them with her longtime producer Patrick Hall up until May 2021. According to Dead Oceans, Mitski’s record label, the songs evolved during this time to be slightly more upbeat and give fans the effect of a pep talk while balancing the mature messages.

After her last tour in 2019, Mitski shocked fans after stating that it could possibly be her last. However, with the release of “Laurel Hell,” Mitski will have her time in the spotlight once again for her already sold-out world tour. Fans, both new and old, have the opportunity to experience her melodic therapy live.