Girls varsity lacrosse defeats Mundelein during a successful season opener

Freshman Katie Ferrara rocks her opponents on the field and in the game or something way better than that for the sub


Courtesy of Ashley Zolen

The girls varsity lacrosse team post-win selfie

By Lindsay Hunter

On Thursday March 17, the varsity girls lacrosse team destroyed Mundelein, scoring a 17-2 game. Huntley had a 10-0 run by the first half. Mundelein only began to score in the second half with 5 minutes left of the game. 

As the JV girls lacrosse game ended, the varsity players stepped onto the field to begin warming up. This included attack captain Emma Farr, midfielder capitan Kyleigh Higgins, and defensive capitan Tabytha Payne.

“We have only really had one full week of practice,” Payne said. “Our defense has improved a lot in just one week, and I am excited to see how we do this game.”

Finally, the 10 minute warm up period ended and the first half began. Parents and fans cheered for the players and the first draw occurred, and Kyleigh Higgins controlled the draw.

In the first half, seniors Emma Farr and Emma Nolte scored within 10 minutes. The starting midfield line, Kyleigh, Alli Ambrogio, and Ashley Zolen controlled the draw for the entirety of the first half. 

The few times Mundelein won the draw, the defensive line, Maggie Kirwin, Kiley Galgay, Payne, and Lindsay Hunter, pushed back and forced numerous turnovers. Kirwin and Galgay made some good defensive plays that increased the tempo of the game. 

“Defense really stepped up their game this year,” coach Joe Domka said. “We have a lot of leaders on the line and they have really good communication on the field.”

The varsity lacrosse team has a lot of dedicated players on it, at least half of the team played club lacrosse outside of the season. This season is looking promising for the Red Raiders. 

In the second half, the game slowed down as the Red Raiders got tired. Coach Domka began to take out key players of the game to slow down the pace and get fresh legs in the game.

It was now that Mundelein scored two goals on goalie Casey Vargas, who held steady for the entirety of the first half.

Higgins, the midfielder capitan, committed to Carthage College during November last year. She was a very sought after player, and she was scouted multiple times throughout summer tournaments during her club season.

“I have loved lacrosse ever since I picked up a stick the first time in middle school,” Higgins said. “I knew that when Carthage offered me a chance to play for them, I had to take it.”

Throughout the game, Mundelein only shot a few times. None of the shots seemed to be placed anywhere remotely near the goal. The defense seemed to intimidate them into missing all of their shots.

Finally, the buzzer sounded, and the game was over. Overall, it was a phenomenal game. The leading scorer was Katie Ferrara, a freshman who made varsity this year. She also played club lacrosse over the summer. She had four goals this game.

“I played better this game than I was expecting to,” Ferrara said.

The Raiders still have a long way to go before their season ends. They have practices five days a week and train extensively. Hopefully, this season will end with a playoff title.

“We have a really good team this season, it’s definitely one of the best we have had in a while,” Coach Domka said. “I expect big things out of them this season.”

Come support the girls at their next game on Wednesday, April 6 at Red Raider stadium.