Growing new traditions

Meet the brains behind Huntley’s beloved farmers market


By Carrie Willig

Every Saturday morning, from 8 a.m to 1 p.m, Huntley hosts its farmers market in the village town square. However, because of the changing seasons, the farmers market will be moved to occurring only on the second Saturday of each month in an inside location.
Barb Reed, the marketing manager of the farmers, has yet to disclose the inside location.

“This past year, our market has continued to grow steadily, and we have to find a bigger space inside to accommodate all of our vendors and business,” Reed said.

This inside market will begin in November and continue through May. Once Memorial Day weekend rolls around, vendors are back outside to welcome the spring air.

Amongst the others, two popular vendors will be adjusting to these new changes: USBORNE Books and More, as well as Sleepy Hollow Fresh.

USBORNE Books and More, run by Tiffany Mazur as her part-time job, has been a highlight of the market since 2019. To have the tent itself requires her to pay $25 each week that she is there. Having a tent is no easy job, though!

“I have to get here about [an hour and 15 minutes] early. [My] car is full of things, [all] Tetris-style packed. It probably takes a little over an hour [to unload],” Mazur said.

However, it all pays off when she can step back and smile at all of her hard work, as well as meet all of the little kids.
Most vendors do not just only work for Huntley, though. Mike Riggins, from Sleepy Hollow fresh, also works for the East Dundee market, and once he finishes up there, he drives over to both Blue Root and Mockingbird restaurants.“[Once I get to the restaurants,] I open up the back of my car, and whatever I have left, they come and they go shopping,” Riggins said.

Overall, the vendors who work for Huntley love what they do. Both exclaimed Huntley is by far one of the best markets they sell at and offers the widest range of activities to draw families out. So, if you are ever looking for something to do on a Saturday, go ahead and check out the farmers market!