“The School for Good and Evil” the movie adaptation

What’s new on Netflix? Sit back and relax and grab some popcorn as we delve into this cool new movie based off of the book of the same name.


By Amanda Le

“The School for Good and Evil,” a film based on the bestselling fantasy novel written by Soman Chainani, was released on Oct. 19 on Netflix. The film was directed by American film director Paul Feig, who is known for directing films such as “Ghostbusters” and “Bridesmaids,” with a screenplay he co-wrote with David Magee.

Right off the bat, the viewer is introduced to the younger twin set of the School’s Masters of School for Good and Evil, Rafal and Rhian, both played by Kit Young. Rafal, the evil twin, battles his brother Rhian with forbidden blood magic, in hopes of ruling the school. The battle takes place many years prior to the present story.

In this fairy tale world, Sophie, played by Sophia Anne Caruso, wishes she could go to the School for Good and Evil, believing that she deserves better. She values her appearance and keeps a princess-like outlook. Sophie is best friends with Agatha, played by Sofia Wylie, who the village wishes to burn alive. Agatha and her mom live in the Endless Woods near the cemetery that surrounds the village of Gavaldon in which Sophie lives in. The people of Gavaldon claim that Agatha is a witch because she is related to them.

Despite all of that, the girls remain best friends. One bloody-red sky night, Sophie is kidnapped from the Endless Woods, only to be swept along with Agatha. They arrive at the School for Good and Evil where all the famous fairy-tale characters began their journey. 

Much to Sophie’s despise, she was dropped into the stinky moat at the School for Evil. At the same time, Agatha is dropped in a bed of flowers at the School for Good.

The students of the School For Good are commonly referred to as Evers, while the students of the School for Evil are referred to as Nevers. Immediately, the students of both schools do not like both Sophie and Agatha. The School for Good and Evil is a vast castle that is separated into two sides. The beautiful castle that sits near a glistening lake is the School for Good, and the School of Evil sits near a stinky moat where the Nevers are dropped into during their arrival. 

The movie has a good cast, and the outfits of the movie were extraordinary. Custom designer Renée Ehrlich Kalfus and her team made all of the clothing, from the dresses to the boots. The visual effects and the backgrounds of the movie were amazing. The movie did a great job of portraying how the School for Good and the School for Evil differ in the students and the architecture of the rooms. Though, the movie could have had a better narrative and story writing.

This movie is great for those who love fantasy movies and book-adaptation lovers.