Is this Squishmallow bop or flop?

Reviewing the mushroom Squishmallow, Malcolm.

The Squishmallow, Malcolm, striking a pose for the camera.

E. Christenson

The Squishmallow, Malcolm, striking a pose for the camera.

By Emma Christenson

Trying to find the perfect Squishmallow is an amusing goal that I hope to achieve. Everytime I walk into a store, I always have to examine the toy section, to see if the stores have purchased any new releases. My collection is growing at an expeditious rate, which means that the examination of reviewing my Squishmallow’s beginnings again.
I will be criticizing the Squishmallow, Malcolm, a red cap mushroom. He is one of the first Squishmallows I obtained when I first started growing my collection. This Squishmallow will always have a special place in my heart because it is an original in my expanding collection.
Malcolm has a light peach colored body, the peach color glows in the light. He has a off-white stomach which balances perfectly with the peach tones. He has big black eyes which overthrows his tiny light red smile. Malcolm’s cap is a radiant red that coordinates perfectly with peach body and off-white stomach. On his mushroom cap he has oddly-shaped, white, circles; these unsymmetrical shapes show a glimpse into what a real mushroom looks like. Malcolm appears to have some mushroom details and has some interesting attributes that make this Squishmallow unique.
As some of you know, there are cards linked to Squishmallows, they show the Squishmallows personality and what they like to do in their free time. These individual cards give people a way to look into the Squishmallow they are acquiring. Malcolm is a soccer-playing mushroom, he is a goalie on his team and they have won the championship three years in a row. Malcolm’s card can show interest to the buyer because, if you play soccer, you can relate to Malcolm, in some kind of matter.
Malcolm is soft, squishy and flexible which shows that he is perfect to lay your head down on or use as a pillow. Malcolm is the perfect size to snuggle up with at night or just to put on display. The only downside is that this Squishmallow is too big to put on a shelf and he does take up a lot of space.
Even though this Squishmallow is a considerable size, he is adorable in every way possible. The cap of Malcolm adds a look into what a real-life mushroom would look like. The details on this Squishmallow are incredible, and the card adds a gaze into what his personality is like. In conclusion, Malcolm is definitely worth the money and the love.