Is this Squishmallow bop or flop?

Reviewing the Squishmallow mystery pack

Bertwin, Adin and Gaila smiling at the camera, ready for a photo.

Emma Chr

Bertwin, Adin and Gaila smiling at the camera, ready for a photo.

By Emma Christenson

Waking up on winter break and running down the stairs to see presents under the tree, never fails to put a smile on my face. Sitting under the Christmas tree and opening up one of my gifts, I got a Squishmallow mystery pack. This was gifted to me by my mother and father, who know a considerable amount about my Squishmallow passion. The mystery pack holds three Squishmallow, none of them contain the same Squishmallows then the last. I’ve wanted to write a blog about this mystery pack ever since I opened it on Christmas day.
The three Squishmallows I will be taking an interest in today are Galia, the light gray handheld Gameboy console, Bertwin, a burnt orange bearded dragon, and Adin, a gray arcade game.
I will first be examining Galia, she is a gray gameboy with light purple on the top and on the bottom. She has a square in the middle for her screen, it is a mix of pink, white and blue, also she has deep black eyes with eyelashes and rosy cheeks. She has a little game council with two red buttons and a cross-shaped button. In her description card, she is known to be active but she needs an inhaler. But even though she needs one that will not stop her from living her best life.
Next I will be reviewing Bertwin, he is a burnt orange bearded dragon with a white stomach, small black eyes and a wobbly smile. On the side of him he has orange scales, and on his back he has three, brown, thick lines with an orange tail on the bottom. In his description card, he loves coffee, reading and combing his beard. He loves books about magic and mystery, and is working on his own novel.
The last Squishmallow I will be looking at is Adin. He is a gray arcade game with blue at the top and bottom, in the middle he has a little box with a cartoon game. Just below that is a dark gray line with deep red buttons, then to the top of the box he has beady black eyes with a shy, red smile. In his description card, he loves black and white movies, thrifting, and owns his own video game store.
Each of these Squismallows has the same exact texture and fluffiness, but they are not too firm. All of them are very small in size but they would look amazing on a small size. I would not recommend sleeping with these because they are too small for you to cuddle with. My suggestion would be to use these Squishmallows as a collectible and not a pillow. Put them on a shelf and admire these beautiful three from a distance.
Overall, my favorite Squishmallow is Bertwin, his scales add texture and dimension while being the cutest one out of the three. My least favorite is Adin because there is not a lot of information in his description card, which does not really give him a special place in my heart. In the end, I would recommend the mystery Squishmallow pack because you never know what you are going to obtain. And no matter what you get it will always be satisfactory Squishmallow.