Hampshire Whip-Purs defeat HHS boys varsity basketball

The close Huntley home game ends with a score of 36-39.


Maggie Armstrong

Senior Ian Ravagnie goes in for a lay-up. (M. Armstrong)

By Maggie Armstrong

The hype music is turned on. The Raider Nation Leaders are ready to go, dressed up for the pajama theme and ready for a good game. The HHS boys varsity basketball players run out onto the court and start warming up for their game against Hampshire High School.
The players get in position, and quickly after the game starts, Huntley gains possession, but not for long. The Hampshire players started strong with senior Sam Ptak being the first to score in the game. This energy continued throughout the first quarter for the Whip-Purs, but Huntley was not far behind, and senior Noah Only soon scored as well.
By the end of the first quarter, the score was 8-9, and it was already visible how tight the game would be.
“I think Hampshire is the most athletic team in our league, so we have to make sure we really take care of the ball,” said William Benson, HHS boys varsity coach.
With the start of the second quarter, Hampshire scored twice, coming into the quarter with just as much energy as the first, causing Huntley to fall behind. However, players such as junior Ethan Blackmore, senior Ty Goodrich, and Only kept the fight going throughout the quarter.
Initiating a spark of energy from the HHS players, Only scored two 3-points shots. The second quarter ended with a score of 18-23.
After half-time, Huntley came back stronger and more together. During the third quarter, senior Ian Ravagnie, junior Bryce Walker, and Blackmore all scored three-pointers. The quarter ended at 29-28 as Huntley was able to finally take the lead with 30 seconds left in the quarter.
After going back and forth with a close-scoring fourth quarter, Hampshire beat Huntley 36-39.
“We came out slow, and they caught up to us at the beginning. We just couldn’t bounce back,” Only said.
It seemed the energy started lower than usual in the first quarter, and Huntley was not able to bring it up to match Hampshire.
“We played our best, but it didn’t end well. They played harder, and they wanted it more,” Blackmore said.
Unfortunately breaking the five-game win streak, Huntley’s record is now 19-6, and Hampshire’s is 12-14.
“They outplayed us. We fought back, and it just wasn’t enough,” Benson said.
However, Huntley still shows promise for the rest of the season, and this game does not reflect the team’s prospects or skill.