Rockford 82nd Annual Young Artist Show


L. Martil

Art on display at the Rockford Young Artist Show.

By Zuzanna Bates

The Rockford Annual Young Artist show opened on March 5 and it will be held until April 2. At the opening on March 5, an awarding ceremony happened where they gave select students awards for their outstanding art.

Students who entered the high school division can win up to $2,000 in scholarship and recognition awards. The show was also sponsored by the Women’s Art Board and the Kjellstrom Family Foundation.

The students who had their art in the show from Huntley High School include Alexis Cobb, Ethan Niko Brown, Jessica Fleming, Haylie Cincotta, Emma Freeman, Haiden Golembiewski, Marjan Khandan, Linden Luangnikone, Lucas Sciascia and Joy Morgan.

Haiden Golembiewski and Ethan Niko Brown were the two students at Huntley to win awards for their art pieces. 

“This is my first time submitting a piece to the art show and my first work done in 3d art/clay as well,” Ethan Brown, who won an honorable mention award for his clay monster mug said. “I’ve always been doodling with my friends Gavin Balke and Davis Farr and I always appreciated art. Everything special I see always has really stuck with me.”

Junior Jessica Fleming also had one of her pieces in the show. “It’s the first time something I made is actually in a show,” Fleming said. “It was a school project for shoes, and I drew a pair of DC shoes.”

The show is open to the public to enjoy all the art made by students at Huntley and surrounding areas. Most students in art classes at Huntley had their art submitted.

“This is my first time,” Emma Freeman said. “I never actually submitted my piece, I didn’t even know it was going to be in the show until I got an email about it.”

If you are looking for more information on this show, or the plenty of others that the Rockford Art Museum puts together, you can find it on their website.

“My favorite thing about art is how expressive you can be with it,” Freeman said. “It’s an outlet for so many people to be as creative as they feel, you can really make whatever you want through art.”