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An ignited flame of creativity

Senior Zach Catini expresses his creativity through art
F. Rasmussen
One of Catini’s pieces of art.

After a good night’s rest, with his portfolio in hand, senior Zach Catini walks from Gilbert Hall to Jack Arends Hall on the university campus, feeling peaceful. Inside the Jack Arends Hall, Catini finds his morning figure sculpting class on the second floor. As he enters the door, a flame of creativity within him ignites. 

Over the summer, Catini lived on campus for five days at Northern Illinois University for its art summer camp. While there, he enjoyed living in his small dorm room, making art, and having fun with friends. 

 “It was a really good environment to be in. Everyone was nice and welcoming,” Catini said.

After he finalized his figure sculpture, Catini walked to Neptune Hall for lunch. He made himself a plate of BBQ pulled pork, his favorite dorm meal. 

Back at the Jack Arends Hall in his sketchbook reimagined class, Catini looks through the eight drawings he made for the class, analyzing each one. He chose an illustration he made of a dragon, which he drew with a pen, and painted with watercolor, for the art show at the Jack Olson Gallery.

However, this would not be his first art exhibit. Catini has been in two art shows before, one at Fox Valley at Mchenry County College and another exhibited online through Mchenry County. 

While at the art show, gazing at his and others’ work, he felt that both the art exhibit and living on campus at Northern Illinois University was a unique experience.

He is taking art classes at Huntley High School this year. Catini is in Advanced Art, Digital and Graphic Design I, and 2D Design II. 

“He is a hard worker and strives to improve consistently,” art teacher Jillian Corapi said. “I have seen a lot of artistic growth in three years.”

Senior Jessica Fleming, a student in advanced art, mentions how Jillian Corapi’s class allows for creative freedom. Students are encouraged to use artistic style and this helps students build an advanced understanding of art.

“I like how you can do things in your own style,” Fleming said. 

Catini thinks of going to Northern Illinois University to pursue his love for art. In the future, he wants to become an elementary school art teacher and ensure that art remains a part of his life.

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Faith Rasmussen, Staff Writer
Faith Rasmussen is an artist, LGBTQ+ advocate, and a poet. She is currently working on a portfolio of short stories, which she hopes to publish in the near future. This is her first year as a writer for The Voice.

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