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A heated and competitive match up between Huntley and Hononegah

Varsity girls basketball match up with Hononegah for their second game of the year
G. Watt

As Huntley and Hononegah match up their players for the starting jump ball of the game, the energy tenses up. The warm up music goes silent as the crowd waits in anticipation. The varsity girls basketball team needs this win after their loss of their last game against Boylan Catholic High School.

Huntley starts off strong with multiple assists and shots, but Hononegah fights back as the end of the first quarter game ends 12-11. Huntley’s in the lead, but it is an intense matchup between Huntley and Hononegah.

“We had a really solid first half and gave [ourselves] a nine point lead to the half, and to me that’s credit [for] how they did. They did a nice job of getting some baskets early,” coach Raethz said.

The match up got really intense, both teams got multiple free throws from fouls. The Huntley defense is tough and on the ball as they steal the ball back to get back on offense, but Hononegah is determined to get the ball.

Campanelli really stands out on the court, making remarkable plays on offense and defense, rebounds, and hustles down the court. As we reach half time, Huntley is in the lead and have a positive energy going into the locker room.

“In the first half we were pretty lockdown, but that has to do a lot with our practices and what we do everyday in practices: it results in playing aggressive and smart all together,” Anna Campanelli said.

Coming out to third quarter, both teams are tense. the back and forth between each basket keeps each team on their toes. Right before the buzzer to end the 3rd quarter Hononegah shoots a 3 pointer that puts them in the lead, making it 30-29.

Fourth quarter turned out to be an entertaining, emotional roller coaster. Multiple fouls were made by each team as the competitiveness makes the players more tense between each other.

With a minute and a half on the clock for the fourth quarter, Campanelli shoots two 3s to put them in the lead. Hononegah soon fights back and shoots a last minute three to make it tied. with only 30 seconds left at this point, a personal foul was made and Hononegah got to make two free throws.

“I thought that we’ve competed well, but at the same time, we’re a team and we’ve got to learn how to close our games and win some of those tight games,” Campanelli said.

Huntley eventually ended up losing against Hononegah 37-44. As they go into their thanksgiving tournament they hope they can come up with a few wins and hope to be ready for their first game against Saint Viator.

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