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Celebrating unity through language

SHS World Language Week
Faith Rasmussen

French, Mandarin, and Spanish students celebrate SHS World Language Week by guessing a different country each day from March 11-15 from clues of famous locations and events around the world.

Where’s Waldo? There he is! On Monday he traveled to Japan, Tuesday to Germany, Wednesday to Brazil, Thursday to Greece, and spends his last day on Friday in Columbia.

The display case outside of the language hall was decorated, featuring a colorful border. It read “Hello,” in various foreign languages.

In the center of the display case, there was a globe with text over it, which said, “Unity through language.”

HHS as a whole celebrated SHS World Language Week by playing foreign music during passing periods. 

Sophomore Kasey Truong has studied Mandarin for two years, and finds passion in learning the language.


Below is the English translation:

“My name is Kasey. I am American,” Truong said. “I enjoy reading, listening to music, and singing. My favorite colors are blue and purple.”

Her younger sister, Kailey Truong, has been studying Mandarin for a year, and also enjoys her class.

“我叫 Kailey。我是美国人,” Truong 说了。 “我喜欢做做饭,和喜欢红色。”

Below is the English translation:

“My name is Kailey. I am American,” Truong said. “I enjoy cooking and my favorite color is red.”

Nathan Elm is a senior in AP Chinese Language and Culture. He has been studying Mandarin for five years, and is also trilingual!


Below is the English translation:

“My name is Nathan. I can speak English, some Mandarin, and some Spanish,” senior Nathan Elm said. “I enjoy playing golf, and I like the color blue.”

It is important to learn and celebrate different countries and their languages, because it is who we are as a student body.

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Faith Rasmussen
Faith Rasmussen, Staff Writer
Faith Rasmussen is an artist, LGBTQ+ advocate, and a poet. She is currently working on a portfolio of short stories, which she hopes to publish in the near future. This is her first year as a writer for The Voice.

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