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Main dinner course for Prom officially decided by the Prom Committee

The Boneless Chicken Breast with Natural Pan Jus will be served as the dinner entre during Prom (O.Tseumah).

The Prom Committee put the finishing touches of what this year’s Prom, on May 5,  will offer students.

This year an approximate 715 students have tickets to Prom, which leads to 715 individuals needing to be supplied a dinner.

Click here to view more photos of the official Prom dinner course

The committee and members met with Karyn Midona, the navigator and correspondent for the Renaissance Schaumburg Convention Center Hotel, for a final run through of the venue and a food tasting.

The Prom Committee viewed a conference room holding a singular dined table in the middle. A full table setting was present, from the signature punch to the three different forks for each dish.

“The tuxedo napkins are usually a hit amongst proms,” said Midona as she watched Prom committee members Katy Siegfort and Ify Anikamadu gushing over the different type of napkin constructions.

The “Raiderade” drink is a carbonated refreshing raspberry flavored pop, which was nicknamed specifically for Huntley High School prom goers.

“It tasted like a red fruit roll up,” said junior and Prom Committee member Katy Siegfort.

The "Raideraide", a raspberry flavored coke nicknamed specifically for Huntley High School's prom attendees, will be the main drink served at Prom (O.Tseumah).

The first course being decided upon was an appetizer, the decision was between a traditional Caesar salad or a mixed green salad. The mixed green salad had a very earthy taste, while the Caesar salad tasted more crisp and light.

“We actually have never served a Caesar salad at Prom before,” said Prom Committee advisor Cindy Fuhrer.

The idea that the mixed green salad would not be favorable amongst the majority of students prompted the choice of the traditional Caesar salad to be the appetizer.

With the appetizer done, the main course followed. The option was between either a boneless chicken breast with natural pan jus, or a herb grilled chicken breast with Boursin cream.

The boneless chicken breast was ultimately chosen over the grilled due to the garlic mash potatoes with gravy and seasonal vegetables that accompanied it.

The Prom Committee later decided on a single desert out of the three that were options, ultimately the final choice of the Chocolate cheesecake was chosen.

“Most kids will like the chocolate,” said junior and Prom Committee member Alekya Prathivadi

The cheesecake was a very light and creamy, it almost tasted like a thick mousse.

“I like how it was prepared, I think the majority of people will enjoy it,” said Siegfort.

The final menu for Prom will consist of, a Caesar salad for an appetizer, boneless chicken breast with natural pan jus for the entre, and Chocolate cheesecake for desert.

*Recent editorial changes made due to grammatical errors.

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