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Blog: Dorner was not justified in his actions


As you may or may not know, there has been a crazy manhunt for the former LAPD police officer Chris Dorner. For all those who do not know about this, he is a former LAPD police officer and former United States Navy reservist whom has a connection with a series of shooting attacks on police officers and their families from Feb. 3 to Feb. 12.

Dorner killed himself in a burning cabin at Big Bear Lake, California because of his 2008 firing from the agency due to reports of police brutality and corruption in the department. This manhunt was a hot topic on every news station like CNN and Fox News. The story gained popularity, which came to an end with his suicide.

During his series of shootings, he managed to create a chilling 15 page manifesto revealing his intentions of unspecified violence for justice and the exposure of racism in the department. The manifesto was originally posted on Facebook, addressed to America and titled “Last Resort.”

For the past week, since his death, I have seen several posts on Facebook saying that his killings were justified and he was the hero the LAPD has needed ever since the infamous Rodney King incident and the LA riots. In all honesty, Dorner is not a hero under any circumstances. Killing is killing, no matter if it is justified or not.

Like some of those people, I posted on Facebook saying, “R.I.P Chris Dorner.” In response, another senior said, “He was a hero that LA deserved, but not the one they needed.” At the time of the post, I did not know much about the manhunt or the entire situation, so I did some research. The main reason for his killings was for justice in the police department and for getting him fired because of their alleged racism.

Yes, I understand that there have been incidents which constitute the fact that the LAPD is corrupt, but even under all the these circumstances, that absolutely does not justify violence and taking away innocent lives just to make a statement. I believe if he wanted to make change like his manifesto stated, he should have done what Martin Luther King Jr. did and exposed the LAPD in a non-violent, effective manner.

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