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Five reasons why you should watch the Oscars


For me, the Oscars are what February’s all about. Forget Valentine’s Day. Forget the Super Bowl. As a self-proclaimed movie buff, I spend the whole year watching movies and making predictions on who will score a nom and who will win an Academy Award.

Every year, I’m surprised by how few people watch them. After every ceromony I desperately try to prompt an Oscar conversation with my peers. But I’m usually greeted with the same response: “Wait, those were yesterday? Oh. Well, I never watch them.”

Maybe it’s just teenagers being disinterested with anything that isn’t Facebook or MTV, but regardless of age, the Oscars have something to offer for everyone.

Here are five reasons why you should tune in to ABC this Sunday.

1. Dreams come true
Be it the big name actors or the awkward effects and editing guys, the people on stage are likely having the night of their lives. As kids, they watched the Oscars, dreaming of a day—one that seemed all but impossible—that they would be on the stage accepting the golden statuette. They dreamed a dream, one that so many dream, but this time they made it a reality.

Even if the speeches from the Best Visual Effects winners are a little awkward and even if it’s hard to understand what the Best Foreign Language Film director is saying, what the speeches represent is all the same: an impossible dream come true, for the biggest names to the ones we won’t even remember by the end of the night. Most of us will never win an Oscar (even though some people have won several), but the people on stage still stand as an inspiration, living proof that a far-fetched goal isn’t an impossible one.

2. Celebrities unscripted
There wouldn’t be so many ridiculous tabloid magazines if there weren’t the market for celebrity gossip—society’s guilty pleasure. We want to know they’re just like us; that they have families and do other things off screen, but also that they are fallible. Who isn’t captivated by a big fall from riches to rags (more like affairs and drug addiction)? Most of the time, we only see these celebrities  on screen, dressed in a costume, acting out a script, or on the background of a set with souped up sound and visual effects.

It’s hard to tell who they really are from that, but at the Oscars, from the red carpet interviews to the cuts of the crowds during the presentations, we are given a glimpse at who these people really are—their reactions to the jokes, and winning or losing, are genuine and revealing. We can make our own decisions on what the actors are like from these quick glimpses of them off script. You make the call: nice guy or pompous a-hole?

3. Performances/jokes
Sunday’s show is stacked. Norah Jones, Adele, Catherine-Zeta Jones, and Jennifer Hudson are among the evenings’ entertainment. Additionally, Kristen Chenoweth will close the show with host Seth MacFarlane and the “Les  Miserables” cast will give a live performance (should be nothing compared to the three-hour live performance they gave on camera last year). The big cherry on top of a star-studded evening is the extremely private, Barbra Streisand, whose public sightings these days are up there in number with Big Foot and the Loch Ness Monster (this will be her first performance since 1977).

In addition to the diverse musical numbers, there’s always the jokes to look forward to. MacFarlene is sure stay close to the boundary of appropriate and not in a Ricky Gervais-esque manner, and will undoubtedly give the audience plenty of laughs, though I can’t help but be slightly disappointed that the Academy didn’t take the Les Mis opportunity to have the Hugh Jackman/Anne Hathaway bromance hosting (he was a great host and she deserves another shot after being left out to dry in 2011).

4. Fashion
Despite several fashion shows throughout the year, the Oscars are arguably the biggest—in terms of viewing audience—night for fashion. While some of us grow ever weary of the borderline sexist “Who are you wearing?” inquiry, designers all over the world are putting their best works on display for this night of elegance.

For the fashionista, the Oscars are a time to see what some of the world’s wealthiest people are wearing to one of the world’s most formal events. Though the fashion isn’t usually as unexpected as some of the ridiculous outfits on display at fashion shows, there’s always the chance that someone will shock the world by defying the formal event with a “WTF?” get-up (here’s to looking at you, Cher) that anyone can appreciate (or laugh at).

5. Conversation starter
A lot goes down at the Oscars, and that leaves a wide variety of things to talk about the following Monday. There’s, of course, the winners and losers, who deserved it, who got screwed and whatnot( There are also the performances, the speeches, the fashion, and the pre-show interviews. Let’s not forget the hosts—who can be fun and entertaining, like Ellen or Billy Crystal, or the incredibly awkward and possibly drugged host, James Franco.

Approximately 40 million people worldwide tuned into the 84th Annual Academy Awards last year—odds are someone you talk to on a daily basis will watch the Oscars this year. You don’t want to be the one left out of the water-cooler conversation about last night’s big event.

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