“Call of Duty: Ghosts” is not just another CoD


Image courtesy of MCT Campus

By Adam Reckamp

Image courtesy of MCT Campus
Image courtesy of MCT Campus

Every November millions of gamers around the world wait for the new “Call of Duty” game to come out.

Many wait outside their local GameStop to get the game at the midnight release, even if they have school or work the next day. With all the excitement around the franchise there is still a lot of criticism, as many fans feel that “Call of Duty” is the same game every year.

That problem has been answered this year as “Call of Duty: Ghosts” is much improved and different than its predecessors.

The most popular part of “Call of Duty,” the addictive online multiplayer, has seen many changes.

“Ghosts” runs on an upgraded engine from past “Call of Duty” games and the effects are obvious. The movement is as smooth and fluid as ever but there are a few new features.

Players can slide around corners, lean around walls and shoot while jumping over cover, all new gameplay mechanics that while seeming minor, add a lot to the game.

The new create-a-class system is deeper than ever. There are 35 perks for players to choose from, a new weapon class called marksman rifles, and three separate killstreak package options.

This proves for a balanced class system that allows players to never have to play the same way twice.

“Call of Duty: Ghosts” was made with the next generation of consoles in mind.

The maps are larger than ever as the new consoles can support 18 man multiplayer matches unlike the current consoles which can only support 12 people. This leads to players on current generation consoles often being unable to find enemies.

The game modes are a disappointment as many “Call of Duty” favorites have been taken out, including capture the flag, demolition and hard point. The new game modes added are fine, but don’t measure up to the ones taken out.

Even with these negatives the multiplayer is addicting as ever and most players will invest over 100 hours into the game, ranking up their soldier and competing against other players.

The campaign follows the same mold as other “Call of Duty” campaigns but improves it.

The campaign is fast paced and has a ton of frantic and exciting moments. Missions range from South American jungles to underwater coral reefs to outer space.

Unlike other “Call of Duty” campaigns, “Ghosts” does not get caught up in large cinematic scenes. Instead players feel important in every mission and the campaign is thrilling throughout.

In “Ghosts,” Infinity Ward gets rid of the unsuccessful Spec Ops mode and replaces it with two things: extinction and squads mode.

Extinction is Infinity Ward’s answer to the wildly successful zombie mode. Players fight aliens and try to survive as many rounds as they can through, upgrading weapons and equipment along the way.

In squad mode, players fight other players’ squads filled with the soldiers they rank up during multiplayer. This mode is a fun change of place from the normal multiplayer and adds a lot of depth to the game.

Overall, “Call of Duty: Ghosts” is a perfect blend between the familiar and the new.

The multiplayer experience is as fun as ever and the campaign is slightly improved over other “Call of Duty” games. Extinction mode and squad mode add a lot of depth to a great game that many will spend hundreds of hours playing.