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Spanish club designs mural

A scan of part of the group’s preliminary sketch (H. Baldacci).

Spanish Club is one of the many new clubs starting after school, and held a meeting this Tuesday, Nov. 12. The club was created by co-presidents Holly Baldacci and Alexis Adams.

“I hope to get school involvement and a better cultural experience,” said Adams.

The club plans to paint a mural for the foreign language section and possibly get pen pals with another school in the distant future.

The activities are not strictly Spanish-related, however. The club hopes to do Secret Santa for Christmas and has “adopted” a two-year-old boy, Matthew, for whom they will be buying presents for the season such as pants, shirts, socks, toy cars, and anything Thomas the Train Engine-related.

“[I’m most excited about] painting the mural, or when we adopted the kid,” said junior Kailen Mueller. “I’ve never done that before so it’s something new.”

The club was held in room 112 and all the new members of the club were interested in what Baldacci and Adams had to say, and the members were not afraid to jump in and add ideas of their own.  The atmosphere of the room was very friendly and welcoming, and the members held a debate over the pronunciation of the word ‘gif.’ They even went so far as to look up the answer online.

The members varied in age, grade, and Spanish skill level,  but all shared a common interest for the language.

“I really like learning about languages and culture,” said senior Jessica Chalas.

The club will meet again on Nov. 19 and Dec. 3 to further discuss the activities it will be involved in.

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