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Is Huntley due for another dance?

From the minute Homecoming ended, my Twitter feed has been packed with memorable and happy tweets talking about that night. Soon after that, dozens of people began tweeting to suggest that Huntley High School should host a winter dance. I thought the idea was great and I wanted to dig deeper to find out the chances of Huntley hosting such a dance.

“I think having a dance would be a lot of fun, especially after Homecoming. We have had dances the past couple years,” said Megan Wheeler, head of the freshmen/sophomore Student Council.

Courtesy of Courtney Kampert
Courtesy of Courtney Kampert

Last year, STUCO attempted to host a neon-themed dance, but too few tickets were sold and it was cancelled. Following all the Homecoming hype and positivity, I believe that the winter dance could be successful this year.

“We’re definitely considering a dance, and we do every year,” said Tom Kempf, one of the STUCO heads.

According to Kempf, a quiz will be posted on everyone’s Haiku pages where students will be able to say whether or not they would attend the dance, suggest themes, and give ticket price preferences. Two possible themes are a simple winter theme and a turnabout.

A turnabout, also known as a Sadie Hawkins dance, is a less formal dance in which girls ask out guys. These types of dances are typically held by high schools and take place between Homecoming and Prom.

Personally, I would love to have a turnabout dance and I think it would be a lot of fun. Girls from all four grades have stated similar opinions and even talked about how they would ask other guys. There are great ideas out there, and if turnabout is the theme, do not be afraid to Google ideas to get some inspiration for creative ways to ask guys out.

I also believe some changes can be made based on my Homecoming experience. I had a lot of fun with my group of friends and the overall atmosphere was good, though I still felt like there could have been improvements.

Numerous people would agree with me that the music was not the greatest. I think the music slowed down for too long and killed the vibe. I think that if the school decides to have a winter dance, they should look for a younger DJ that would play more upbeat dance music that everyone would enjoy.

I did think the decorations were exciting and interesting, but not too over-the-top. The same should go for the winter dance so the theme is understood but not too obnoxious. Various types of decorations and themes can be done with a winter dance, and there are many different styles and interpretations of winter atmospheres possible.

Homecoming was a great experience, and many students are anticipating even more fun out of a possible winter dance. If you are interesting in attending the winter dance, be sure to log into Haiku and vote in the upcoming weeks.


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