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Pepsi for the win


As the ice cold can of soda that you just grabbed from the fridge hits your lips, a replenishing liquid awakens your taste buds.

Whether that soda is Coca-Cola or Pepsi is up to you, but if your first choice isn’t a Pepsi, then you are mistaken. Countless amounts of times I have come home from a troubling day of school with a headache, and one sip of Pepsi has been able to vanquish the torturous pain in my head right away. Pepsi is a savior.

SODA PEPSI BOX ANTIQUECoca-Cola may be considered the “original brand” coming out in 1892, when its competitor, Pepsi, came out in 1965, but that doesn’t mean it is the better soda. Not only is Pepsi a better soda, but the products made from the Pepsi brand like Mountain Dew, Gatorade, and Dr. Pepper are ten times better than the products made from Coca-Cola’s company.

The only time Coca-Cola will ever be better than Pepsi, is if you get it from McDonalds, which makes Coca-Cola an expert at soft drinks. I won’t lie, Coca-Cola has some interesting things about them too: their polar bear commercials during the winter are adorable.

Let’s be honest, why drink Coca-Cola if you have a cup of perfection (Pepsi) right in front of you. No person in their right mind would choose Coca-Cola over Pepsi.

Just to let you know, Pepsi is the patriotic decision to make considering that during WWII, Pepsi adopted the red, white, and blue logo in support of American troops while Coca-Cola just stayed red and white.

The most heated feud between Coca-Cola and Pepsi started back in 1975 after the Pepsi Challenge.With Pepsi taking the lead in sales at the time, Coca-Cola created a new formula. This new formula was later changed back to the original after receiving countless complaints about how wrong it was for discontinuing the first formula.

If you need more convincing, it is quite obvious that Pepsi is amazing because in 1964, they had a jingle that was so popular it hit the top 40 charts as a popular record. Only the most monumental brands have jingles.

So think about these facts the next time you are down the soda aisle at Wal-Mart or Wisteds. Remember while you put a 12 pack of Pepsi into your cart, you are the smartest person in the world because you made this choice. The right choice and the only choice. I’m sure I will drink this legendary soda for the rest of my days instead of Coca-Cola.

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