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Oops! She did it again

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32-year-old femme fatale Britney Spears is at it again with her eighth album which includes cooing more ballads to a techno dance beat.

“Britney Jean,” whose title promotes a sense of intimacy, was released on Tuesday, Dec. 3. This was marketed as Spears’ most personal album yet, that supposedly reflected her life of divorce, motherhood, and her recent breakup with beau Jason Trawik.

But if that’s the case, then maybe we do not really know her at all.

“I really poured my heart and soul into the album,” Spears said in an open letter.

Most of the album does not go past her usual themes such as wild nights out, drinking, and parties.

If you’re not into a club track, then this is not for you.

Compared with her other albums, this is one of the more mature albums she released. She worked with some top-notch singers like David Guetta, Sia, Diplo, and Dr. Luke.

Considering this is one of the first albums in two years we have seen from her after “Femme Fatale,” it might just be strong enough for her to reclaim her crown in pop culture.

The album includes 10 songs and also comes with a bonus track featuring four songs. All 14 tracks give you many decisions and range anywhere from the similar sound of “Work Bitch” to a dreamier version of “Perfume.”

With every song it shows that Spears has a set of lungs in her, but all these songs really dial it down with a robotic backbone to every beat as well as overuse of studio processing.

She also has an army of the best pop producers like Will.I.Am.

She even brings her little sister Jamie Lynn Spears into the picture with “Chillin’ With You,” which is an adorable anthem about their sisterly adoration for each other and how they will occasionally drink together.

Time and time again it has been proven that Spears works best when she adds that risqué vibe like in the one and only “I’m A Slave 4 U” or “Toxic.” This is the same exact reason “Work Bitch” climbed the charts so fast and stayed at number one with a whopping 41,000 sales in only 12 hours.

But as soon as she stops messing around in that teen-pop genre, it is a long way down. This explains the song “Perfume,” whose lyrics clash with the songs soul-searching ballad.

On the other hand, there are songs like “Don’t Cry,” which delivers her most full-bodied emotion as well as a string that yanks on your heart with the familiar feeling of heartbreak.

“Passenger,” featuring Katy Perry’s straight forward vocal style as well as writing credit, is almost just as strong with a catchy chorus and body-swaying lyrics. The song also talks about how she can now put 100 percent into a relationship and feel alive, which almost everyone can relate too.

If you’re into songs that make you want to go to a club and move, then “Body Ache” is for you. The song is as literal as it gets, with an upbeat rhythm that just makes you want to dance until your body aches.

“The song really makes me wanna dance,” said junior Gillian Young. “Britney’s dance music always keeps me in the best mood, and this song really portrays it.”

Even though some tracks are lacking while others are up to par, Spears does seem to be more in control. She has been wearing the right clothes, working with the right choreographers, and is placing herself in interviews to spread the word about the new album.

However, getting personal is not the point with Spears, and that was made clear by her little head shaving mishap in 2007.

It is more about persona.

Maybe if Spears continues to focus on what made her famous- pure pop- she will be well off.

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