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Frank Peto, Staff Writer

Frank Peto is a staff member for The Voice, it is his first year apart of the crew. Frank likes to listen to music, make art, skate, and hang out with his girlfriend in his free time. He enjoys anything that requires him to think creatively, but gives him creative freedom at the same time. His favorite music ranges anywhere from punk to 2006 bad club music and he loves every part of it. He is forever changing, as he likes to keep everybody on their toes about him.

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Alchemical: Volume One cover photo.

Dove Cameron sings it loudest

Former Disney star Dove Cameron, releases her debut album "Alchemical: Volume One."
By Frank Peto
December 8, 2023

Former Disney Channel-turned-pop star, Dove Cameron, is “singing it loud” on her debut album, “Alchemical: Volume One.” A lot of former child actors,...

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