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Courtesy of Leonor Nevarez

Following in her grandfather’s footsteps

By Natalie VonderHeide
February 8, 2020

As a parent, a simple set of words can change your life drastically. For Leonor Nevarez, these words were cancer. It was near the end of the summer of...

Some of the most popular rides at the festival.

It’s that time of year: Huntley’s 12th annual Fall Fest

By Emily Kindl
September 23, 2017

Friday, Sept. 22, marks the first day of fall. Although the hot and humid weather lately has contradicted that, the Huntley Fall Fest truly gave everyone...

Teacher Margie Brand travels around world but stays close to home

By Tyler Davis
March 1, 2012
English teacher Margie Brand has traveled all around the world but always stays close to her large family.
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