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Parks and Recreation: Cast in a Blast
Leslie Knope (Poehler) always craving waffles, and you can do the same with watching 'Parks and Recreation' (Courtesy of

Leslie Knope (Poehler) always craving waffles, and you can do the same with watching 'Parks and Recreation' (Courtesy of

Leslie Knope (Poehler) always craving waffles, and you can do the same with watching 'Parks and Recreation' (Courtesy of

Ashley O'Brien

‘Parks and Recreation’ is a sitcom or television show where the actors playing know there are cameras, just make everything ten times better if you ask me. Whether it be reality shows, interviews, or sitcoms, the outcomes of what each actor portrays is amazing. If you have never watched the American sitcom, ‘Parks and Recreation’, it is a show worth seeing. With different varieties of characters, multiple plot twists, and laugh out loud jokes. It is the perfect show to watch on a day in the need of a good laugh. Multiple personalities within each character are just one small fraction of what makes the show unbelievably hilarious.

Leslie Knope:

Played by Amy Poehler, Knope is a dedicated and committed member in her hometown, Pawnee, Ind.

In the beginning of the show, Knope is the Deputy Parks Director and later on becomes a member of the city council. She is constantly cheerful, over the top prepared for every possible situation, and has a deep love for waffles with extra whipped creme. She runs into trouble when her town slowly turns on her, but Knope keeps her head high.

Her best friend is Ann Perkins, who in the beginning pushed for “the pit” to be handled in her backyard. Slowly the two became close, and stayed close forever.

Knope has a good relationship with every character on the show; she may seem annoying to everyone at times, but without Knope the Parks and Rec department would be ruined.

Knope is also happily married to her number one supporter, Ben Wyatt, and the relationship they endure starts with hate and ends with love. Knope is an outgoing and amazing person, she loves her job despite the struggles throughout the show she encounters. To have someone like her in my life  would be phenomenal.

Leslie Knope (Poehler) always craving waffles, and you can do the same with watching 'Parks and Recreation' (Courtesy of

Leslie Knope (Poehler) always craving waffles, and you can do the same with watching ‘Parks and Recreation’ (Courtesy of

Ron Swanson:

Played by Nick Offerman, Swanson is the complete opposite of Knope. Swanson is a quiet man, and prefers to be left alone. He loves his whiskey, his hobby of making wooden tools and furniture, living in his cabin, hunting, and not doing any work at all.

Without “a Swanson,” the show would have a personality that would be missing because no character in any show I have ever seen is anything like him.Swanson is the Director of the department, and never does his work (thank goodness for Knope, without her there would be no department).

He is a suttle man, and very secretive. Other then loving his variety of food options, especially meats, Swanson falls in love and finally settles down after finally getting over his two past ex-wives, both named Tammy, which are both insanely crazy.

Swanson has multiple sets of rules, that he mentions variously throughout the show, he may not do much work, but when he is truly needed, he is always there.

Tom Haverford:

Now Haverford is just something else, almost like the annoying “swag” teenager you’d see in your high school.

Played by Aziz Ansari, Haverford is the typical teenage boy, in adult form. He cares for his looks, his possessions, and his multiple attempts at businesses.

Haverford is an entrepreneur, always trying no matter what the cause. In the beginning, he was easily one of my favorite characters, but during the third and fourth season, he seemed to mature less, making him kind of annoying.

When the fifth season aired, he matured back to how he was the first season, and that Tom Haverford is a much better version then the less matured teenage like Tom Haverford. He enjoys his DJ Rumba, which plays music while sliding on the floor, his assortment of well kept suits, and his attraction to multiple girls, who are way out of his league.

If you think you’ve ever seen a character with a annoying yet spontaneous attitude, you have not truly seen one until you have seen Tom Haverford. As Tom would say, always remember to “Treat yo self.”

Mark Brendanawicz:

Only present in two seasons, Brendanawicz is a character that you would typically see at the office. Played by Paul Schneider, he is a ex-boyfriend to Anne, and a collegue of Leslie, who helps the city planning of Pawnee. I guess you could say he is just your typical guy, however when he returned in the seventh season, it was just another suprise I didn’t expect from the Parks and Rec department.

Jerry Gergich: 

Jerry, also know as Garry, Larry, and Tarry, is the character who is always picked on, but in a way is okay with it. Played by Jim O’Heir, he is the guy in the office who has good morals, but is never quite heard through. He’s an easy target to his colleges, but when he retires in the fifth season, he chooses to come back every few days because he knows he’s needed at the office. His loving and gorgeous family just add the shock to his colleges on his personal life and how good he has it compared to how they comment on what he does. If there’s one line you will hear when Jerry is in the room, it’ll be “dammit Jerry.”

Donna Meagle:

Played by Retta, Donna is the perfect fit for the office. She has her social media addictions, her “treat yo self” attitude, and knows how to fix the smallest technical issues in the department. Being a character throughout the whole show, Donna plays a big role with small personality traits. She is confident, loves her Mercedes, and enjoys chatting with Tom. Donna is the girl I would be if I worked in a department at city hall.

Ann Perkins:

Played by Rashida Jones, Ann Perkins is a one of a kind girl. Dating multiple boys throughout the show, she starts by dating Andy Dwyer in season one with her fight to have something accomplished with “the pit” behind her house. Her best friend is Leslie Knope, who got her the job of at city hall as a nurse, she is also a nurse at the local hospital. Perkins enjoys being close with one guy, and supporting her best friend.

Andy Dwyer: 

Meet the goofiest guy one the planet: Andy Dwyer. Played by Chris Pratt, Dwyer is at first disabled with broken legs from falling in the pit. Luckily, he recovers, but him and Anne slowly break up. He takes it hard, and you see a side of Dwyer that no one would expect. He slowly, and oddly, falls in love with April Ludgate. Dwyer works at city hall as a show shiner and then a assistant to Leslie. He enjoys camping in the pit, being with April, and doing whatever he can to repay Leslie for all she’s done for him.

April Ludgate: 

By far one of my favorite characters, April Ludgate is the most terrifying person you will meet. Played by Aubrey Plaza, Ludgate is straight forward, constantly stares, and does anything she can to disappoint anyone. However, Ludgate does have a good heart deep down. First an intern, she then becomes Ron’s assistant at the department. She loves Halloween, animals, and on occasions, being helpful to people in the office.

Ben Wyatt: 

Played by Adam Scott, he first aired on the show in season 2 for two epsiodes, he then became a full time character in season 3. Wyatt first comes to Pawnee as a state auditor with Chris Traeger, when Pawnee goes into a money crisis. He is very straight and forward, compared to Chris. Ben doesn’t sugar coat for anything. Although the relationship was rough in the beginning with Leslie, they fall in love beautifully. Ben is a great organizer, and a dedicated campaign manager. He works for multiple companies and people throughout his stay in Pawnee and has a big obsession with Star Wars.

Chris Traeger:

Played by Rob Lowe, Traeger comes with Ben from Indianapolis, to help Pawnee recover from debt. He eventually ends up staying and working at City Hall. For a good amount of time, he has a thing with Perkins. Traeger is overly in love with his body, his nutrition, and working out. He is a very, almost too nice, person. He sugar coats everything, basically a opposite of Ben.

Every cast member makes the show phenomenal. Without any of the characters, I can’t imagine the show. They are coworkers, friends, and family. They go through so much together, both hilarious and heart breaking moments, but in the end they are what makes Parks and Recreation.

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Parks and Recreation: Cast in a Blast