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Marvel has been making a lot of buzz in the movies lately. Fans have been speculating about the possibility of a Deadpool movie since he appeared in “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” and got their wish. It was announced earlier this year that fan favorite character Deadpool would be getting a movie.

Before “Deadpool” is released in early 2016, everyone should know who Deadpool is.  Deadpool is a unique character: he is not a hero, but he is not a villain.  Deadpool is a mercenary who plays by his own set of rules.

Created by Rob Liefeld in 1991, Deadpool was originally an anti hero hired to attack the New Mutants, a group of young X-Men. Deadpool was originally a rip off of the DC Comics character Deathstroke. They have similar outfits, and Deadpool’s real name is only one letter off that of Deathstroke.

Deadpool eventually became a fan favorite as a swearing, joke cracking, chimichanga loving adventurer. Part of what makes Deadpool fun are his team up stories. Because of the high Deadpool demand among fans, he is frequently teamed up with other Marvel heroes and the interactions they have are interesting to say the least.

Deadpool’s powers go as far as accelerated healing, in other words, he can not die, adding to his appeal.

Not much information has been released about the 2016 film “Deadpool,” other than that it will star Ryan Reynolds, who has been pushing for the film to be made since “X-Men Origins: Wolverine.” Marvel fans definitely have a lot to look forward to with the release of the new Avengers film imminent, and much more to come in the future, including “Deadpool.”

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