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Always Swinging

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Always Swinging

Gillian Young at a golf tounamnet (courtesy of Young).

Gillian Young at a golf tounamnet (courtesy of Young).

Gillian Young at a golf tounamnet (courtesy of Young).

Gillian Young at a golf tounamnet (courtesy of Young).

Trisha Fritz

Address your body; your feet, knees, hips, forearms, shoulders and eyes should be parallel to the target line. When viewed from behind, the golfer, if right-handed, should appear slightly left of the target.

But for senior Gillian Young, it comes natural when she steps on the grass.

“I started golfing when I was around 5 years old,” said Young. “My nana and papa got me and my sister involved in golf at our country club. “I started out in junior golf and continued to play all through middle school.”

Starting in eighth grade Young played competitively, but during sophomore year there was a spark that changed how she felt about golf forever.

“I loved the sport and didn’t want to stop playing,” said Young. “I made so many friendships through the sport that I wouldn’t want to lose.”

But the worst thing that could possibly happen, did.

In the spring of 2014, Young tore her ACL and continued to play and train all through the summer and through the school season, purposefully scheduling her surgery later in the year so she would not miss one practice.

“I won’t miss a beat,” said Young. “I couldn’t be more proud to see the large improvement that I have made and I am always looking for more.”

According to Nancy Berkley statistics, women only make up about 24 percent of the entire golf community.

This is only the start.

The beginning of senior year on the varsity golf team, the players were told that college scouts were going to start watching a recruiting during these tournaments.

Finally all of her hard work that she has put in, starting as a five year old, has payed off.

In May, Young got to sit down and commit to North Central when she signed that special document in front of an audience with her friends by her side.

Starting in the fall, she will be majoring in golf and continuing her passion in something that she had no idea that she would fall in love with.

“I am always excited to see what the next season brings.” said Young.

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Always Swinging