Tufano’s vs. Taylor Street: Battle of America’s Go-To Food

A slice of pizza from Taylor Street, located on Algonquin Rd. (Courtesy of taylorstpizza.com).

A slice of pizza from Taylor Street, located on Algonquin Rd. (Courtesy of taylorstpizza.com).

Alex Landman

Courtesy of playerschoiceacademy.com

Alex: Team Tufano’s

We’ve done tacos, coffee, sandwiches, frozen yogurt, waffles, and yet, Emma and I have never tested out a classic American staple.  It’s at football games, birthday parties, and your kitchen table: pizza.  How have we not done pizza yet?

So, instead of comparing my personal favorite, Lou Malnati’s (stay tuned for a Lou Malnati’s vs. Giordano’s post coming soon), Emma and I decided to try two local pizzerias, Tufano’s and Taylor Street.

Now, I have had both of these pizzas many times before.  I can wholeheartedly say that no other thin crust pizza even compares to that of Tufano’s, especially the stadium-sized pizza.  The stadium-sized pizza is the biggest pizza I have ever eaten, it is a huge rectangle deemed to be able to feed a “stadium.”

Tufano’s Stadium Pizza, which is the largest, most delicious pizza ever (Courtesy of yelp.com).

This pizza is bigger than an XL at other pizzerias and is perfect for any events, such as birthday parties, holidays, or any kind of get together.

I also noticed how Tufano’s pizza had very little grease on it when I dabbed it with a napkin, whereas the pizza at Taylor Street left my napkin soaked.  Yuck.  Nothing is worse than a greasy pizza.  It just makes me feel gross.

Both places were around the same price, but I think I got more bang for my buck with Tufano’s, which is especially true with the Stadium Pizza.  It’s the biggest pizza for the best price and nothing can even compare.

Tufano’s and Taylor Street have the same layout: counter for pickup, delivery services, and no place to sit inside the restaurant.  Both places focus on carry-out rather than dining in.  I do wish their was an area to sit, but the deliciousness of the pizza makes up for it.

Tufano’s is located on Rt. 47 and Taylor Street is in the strip-mall on Algonquin Rd, but I strongly recommend you make the drive to Tufano’s and order a Stadium Pizza.  Cheese, pepperoni, sausage, veggie, it doesn’t matter.  Just order it.  I promise you will not be disappointed.


Courtesy of taylorstpizza.com

Emma: Team Taylor Street

Since this month the weather was a little cloudy and gray, Alex and I went searching for the perfect, warm, cheesy slice of pizza.

We put Tufano’s Pizzeria and Taylor Street Pizza to the test.

Tufano’s Pizzeria is located on Vine St. in Huntley, and Taylor Street Pizza is off of Algonquin Road, in Algonquin.

My winner this month is Taylor Street Pizza, I ordered their Pizza by the slice ($5.50), which is double dough.  The crust was doughy but just the perfect amount, and the sauce was not overwhelming, unlike Tufano’s.

The sauce to cheese ratio is extremely important when searching for the perfect slice, and Taylor Street had no issues with this area of competition.

Everything on the pizza was flavorful and I would recommend the cheese pizza by the slice to anyone looking for a plain yet tasty piece.

In my opinion, $5.50, is expensive for one slice of pizza, but the slice was big and worth it.

Taylor’s Street Pizza is rated five out of five stars on Google reviews, and it definitely lives up to that title.  I can see myself driving with my friends or sisters one night, whatever time of year, to grab a good slice of pizza.  My friends and family always have a hard time deciding what type of pizza to order, because nobody ever wants the same thing.

With the pizza by the slice, we can each order our favorite thing without conflict.

Although the food at Taylor Street is better, there is no place to sit. You can buy your pizza slice, or wait for you pick up order, but there is no dining place, unlike Tufano’s, which is family and party friendly.

Overall, Taylor Street still has the better pizza, and if you are looking for a good, large, thin crust pizza or a single slice, Taylor Street takes the title this time.