Raging Students and Roads of Snow, HHS snow day policy explained

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Raging Students and Roads of Snow, HHS snow day policy explained


The snow day last Friday has brought up some questions about Huntley High School’s snow day and cold day policy, as most snow days or cold days do.

The current policy for snow days, according to the video posted on the District 158 twitter account last Thursday, is that the school officials looks for the roads to be dangerous and nearly impossible to drive.

Close to 900 students at Huntley High School drive to school every day, and many of these students drive one or two other people to school as well. Over the last couple weeks, there have been multiple accidents and near-miss accidents involving student drivers because of the ice and snow on the road.

This is why the road conditions are a major factor when determining if there will be a snow day. The teen drivers of Huntley High School agree.

“I think we should see how bad the roads are in the morning, and if it is dangerous for the students,” junior Samantha Mattes said.

The current policy for cold days, according to the same video posted on twitter, is that the school officials starts to look at cancelling school when the wind chill hits 30 below zero. They also look at what the temperature is going to be like the rest of the day, such as if it is going to get significantly warmer or colder.

Many students think that negative 30 is too cold for the school officials to start looking at a cold day.

“I think that negative 30 is a ridiculous amount for them to even consider a cold day. I think it should be a little bit higher,” junior Olivia Paz said.

The school officials also takes in account the parents and guardians of the students, and how easy it would be for them to make sure there is someone at home watching their kids. They try to let the students and parents know about school cancellation as early as they can.

No matter what the policy is for snow days or cold days, all students except for seniors have to make this day up at the end of the school year.

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