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“Will and Grace” reboot brings social and political l issues to light

Courtesy of Sean Hayes Facebook

Courtesy of Sean Hayes Facebook

Courtesy of Sean Hayes Facebook


The TV sitcom “Will and Grace” first aired in 1998 and finished in 2006. Eleven years later, “Will and Grace” has been rebooted, along with many other shows from the ’90s such as “Roseanne.” The characters are also played by the same actors who played them previously.

The reboot “Will and Grace” is about two best friends, Will and Grace, living together again in an apartment building in New York, across the hall from their other friend Jack. Unlike the previous seasons, Will and Grace now work together at Grace’s company. Jack’s friend, and one of Grace’s employees, Karen, is still a rich socialite who does not like to work.

However, the reboot does not go along with the original finale of the show. The series finale of the show was mentioned offhandedly as one of Karen’s dreams in the premier of the reboot, and is then never mentioned again.

A big difference between “Will and Grace” and other shows on TV are the sexuality of some of the main characters. Will and Jack are both gay, and the show makes a point of bringing it up in every episode.

“Will and Grace” is packed full with humor. For example in one episode, Karen first appears with a monkey on her shoulder. When questioned about it, she says she is competing in a scavenger hunt, and having a live monkey is bonus points.

I think “Will and Grace” is a much needed show because of what has happened in the past couple of years. As many current sitcoms do, this show brings up political and social issues in almost every episode. Some people may not care for politics in TV shows, but I find the remarks quite funny.

From the episodes I have watched, there is nothing that I find off-putting about the show. The characters are different than a lot of other shows currently on TV, each episode is funny, and it leaves me entertained.

The ratings of the reboot, according to Metacritic, are good as well. The critics overall score is 73 percent, which is decent for a reboot.

Will is played by Eric McCormick, Grace by Debra Messing, Jack by Sean Hayes, and Karen by Megan Mullally.

“Will and Grace” has been renewed for its tenth season. The ninth season premiered on Sep. 28, 2017, and the season finale was on April 5.

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“Will and Grace” reboot brings social and political l issues to light