A success for this year’s engineering entrance interviews


(Photo credit: http://www.district158.org/hhs/academics/hhs-engineering-academy/)

River Lee

The first step for all students in Engineering Academy, besides taking the introductory course, is going through the interview process.

Students taking the Principles of Engineering course prepare themselves for a real-world interview from three engineering officials that work around the area. Teachers in the Engineering Academy also get a chance to see other students outside of their classes.

“Basically we get a chance to see all the youngest kids in the academy that are going to continue through the pathway,” Technology Education teacher Brian Oneill said. “It is always nice to give the students the experience of talking to new individuals. It is definitely a growing experience, and definitely a good turnout. Everything went smoothly.”

There were eight tables and four sessions throughout the day. And according to Oneill, everything went smoothly. Each table had three administrators/engineers and three possible future engineers. Overall, many students enjoyed the interview process.

“It was fun to interact with teachers you never see,” sophomore Isaac Yops said.

Yops is planning on going into the mechanical field. Other students like sophomore Trevor Masten is really excited about Aerospace Engineering next year because he plans on becoming an aeronautical engineer in the near future.

Each student looking to become engineers is hoping the future is bright for themselves.