Makeup influencer on the rise

S. Ceralde

S. Ceralde

Meghan Bentley

A little girl sat on a white marble counter watching her mother apply makeup. She watched, mesmerized as powder was blending into her mom’s face. Sydney Ceralde’s brown eyes twinkled waiting for the day she would learn to brush her face that way. In those moments, she just sat and watched, not knowing how one day, those products her mother used would change her life.

Years after sitting on that counter, sophomore Sydney Ceralde became social media influencer on the rise at just 15 years old. She blends in as a normal student at Huntley High School, but outside of school, Ceralde has an Instagram account showcasing her artistic talents with over 5,000 followers. The account is make-up based and giving Ceralde a foothold in the online beauty community.

Looking back on the days when she would watch her mom do make-up, she smiles.

“It was this thing that we had for bonding.  As I grew up, I could play with the make-up and do whatever I really wanted to with it,” Ceralde said.

This became a creative output for Ceralde, who always loved drawing.

Although she watched her mother, she didn’t learn much about the hobby she wanted to pursue. Ceralde learned how to use make-up in style that she pleases on YouTube. There wasn’t just one YouTuber she would watch.

“I’d watch any kind of YouTubers or anything through social media” then she would ” practice every day and every night until I was satisfied with what I got,” Ceralde said.

“It just became a hobby where I felt incomplete if I didn’t do it,” Ceralde said. Finally in 2017, Ceralde created her Instagram account, @sydneysophiamua. 

“I made an instagram account to showcase and keep a running record of all the looks I create”  Ceralde said. 

As she posted more creative looks, her follower count grew. Now two years later, Sydney Ceralde has almost 5.4 thousand followers. 

“Looking back on when I would celebrate 100 followers to now, it’s crazy.” Ceralde said. 

Her account really began to gain speed when she started doing full face looks. She started by posting tutorials and eye looks with eye shadow. Now, she posts a majority of full face looks rather than an eye.

The talented looks got recognition from brands and got put on some brand’s Public Relations, PR, lists. This means that some brands send Ceralde packages of their new products for her to review. 

“I remember when I got my first PR package, I was ecstatic. It was the biggest deal to me…Now, It’s just expected,” Ceralde said.

In the past two years, she has gained a lot of recognition, not just from brands. She has fans that make edits, fan art, and even to try and recreate her looks. 

“I feel like I’ve finally done what I’ve always wanted, make an impact on someone’s life,” Ceralde said.

Ceralde loves her fans and consider them family. It is one of her worst fears “is losing the people who appreciate and support” her because they are everything to her.

“Any recognition from brands or fans is great, but that’s not my goal,” Ceralde said. 

She is just glad to have a place where she can publicly express her love for make-up. She never expected anything from it.  It was a surprise to her that she gained a following as large as she did.

“When you have so many people watching you and your actions, it’s stressful because you need to be aware of what you say and who you are seen with,” Ceralde said. 

In the online beauty community there is a lot of drama and she has seen people she admired lose their following because of a misunderstand. She doesn’t want to lose her following that same way. It is nerve-wracking for her because “if people see something they don’t like, it impacts the person who you appear to be.” With the help of her family and friends, she is careful about what she posts.

A big stress Ceralde had early on was people judging her for creating the account. Some of her friends at the time didn’t support her or agree with her for creating the account.

 “I had enough of everyone taking jabs at me and trying to make me feel small, so I took a small break,” Ceralde said. 

That time just made her realize who her actual friends were. Now, she feels supported and inspired by her friends and unafraid to share her love for make-up.

Despite all the stress, Sydney Ceralde is grateful for the appreciation and support for her instagram online and in real life. She is content with her work and the person she has become.

“It’s been a crazy journey,” Ceralde said. “It feels like I’m living a dream.”

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