HHS Travels the World: Mya Morsey


M. Morsey

Lindsey Leigh

While most of us spend our birthdays in our home state of Illinois, Mya Morsey spent hers in Nicaragua during the summer of 2017. 

Nicaragua is located in Central America next to the countries Honduras and Costa Rica. Because of its location close to the equator, the weather is substantially hotter than it is here in Illinois. Nicaragua is known to have a beautiful landscape along with beautiful beaches.

Morsey and her family stayed in San Juan Del Sur, a town on the coast. 

“The first thing I noticed was the heat. It was hot! I also noticed that the scenery was beautiful… so much better than Huntley, ” Morsey said

While in Nicaragua, Morsey got to visit some of her relatives that she had never seen before. With them living in Nicaragua and Morsey’s family living in Illinois, they never got to meet; this is why the Morsey family picked to visit Nicaragua during the summer. 

“It was a great experience because I got to meet new family members and have a great time in general,” Morsey said.

Morsey also commented on her favorite memory from her trip: when her family had a mariachi come to the house and sing for her on her birthday.

Morsey hopes to visit Nicaragua again. She absolutely loved her trip and hopes to have more in the future.