Huntley cheerleading squad hosts Sweetheart Challenge


Huntley High School cheerleading made a statement on January  22 by hosting the largest invitational competition in Huntley’s history. It was almost three times bigger than any other competition in the past, and nearly 70 schools participated.

“It was definitely a long day,” said Lexi Lukowski, a sophomore on junior varsity. “All parents and cheerleaders from Huntley were required to volunteer.”

The Raiders arrived at six in the morning to prepare, and other teams started to arrive at seven. The girls helped them around the school, showing off their leadership abilities, and gaining respect from schools and coaches statewide.

“It really ran smoothly,” said Nathan  Schmitt, head cheerleading coach. “We got a ton of positive feedback from other schools, cheerleaders, and coaches.”

Huntley’s teams competed as exhibition teams and therefore were not eligible to place. However, their score sheets reflect brilliant performances.

“It was one of our best performances,” said Lukowski “We got all of our stunts and were very proud of ourselves.”

Many of the teams brought their lower level junior varsity and freshman teams to watch and cheer on the others. Even the spectators were able to get involved. Before the scores were announced, fathers and daughter were invited to participate in a crowd favorite activity: the annual daddy-daughter dance off.

“We learned to just finish the routine no matter what,” said Lukowski. “Keep a smile on your
face and never give up.”

Aside from having a fabulous time, the girls were able to learn how to coordinate through the
competition as well as improving their performing skills. They are ready and thrilled to compete
at sectionals next weekend.


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