twenty one pilots’ “Heathens” Makes History for Band

Lead singer, Tyler Joseph, joining the screaming fans as he sings one of their many hit songs (Courtesy of twenty one pilots' Facebook page).


“Heathens” was released on June 15, leaked on the internet. On June 16, twenty one pilots revealed the song that would be featured in “Suicide Squad,” a DC Comics movie. The beginning lyrics were inspired by the movie, but as the production of the song progressed, the band, who wanted “Heathens” to be their song before the movie’s song, realized the lyrics were more theirs, and that it was their song. And it has been just that. Many fans of it do not hear the song from “Suicide Squad,” but rather the twenty one pilots song instead. “Heathens” peaked at number two on the Billboard Hot 100, just behind “Closer.” The charting of this song at number four corresponded with the charting of their other song, “Ride,” at number five, making twenty one pilots the third rock band with multiple songs in the top five Hot 100 songs. The Beatles and Elvis are the only other two who have accomplished this. Check out the “Heathens” music video above, inspired by “Suicide Squad.”

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